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    Question About that,

    Quote Originally Posted by sureshot_82 View Post
    my other account was hacked, dodge.nofear by a.k.a joeffrey when he send me a link site for free skin how to deactivate my account for not to allowing him to use such account.

    thank you.
    Bakit ka kasi nag pa-uto sa mga ganyan na modus? Remember that gm's never ask for your password or for you to log in to any weebly or .vu site. unless it's a secure official site you should NEVER log in with your credentials. the GM'S aren't liable for your greed and you SHOULD have secured your account with your mobile number and email address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnlouie5564 View Post
    wew grabe super SCARY

    The only thing that's scary here is your lack of any sign of empathy and manners.

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    @admins It's asking me to create a new username and when I did, I become level 1 again.. even my other account become like this my smurf one what happen it doesn't seem that i am reported or have been tribunal punished (there is even no warning). If so that this is a tribunal punishment, why is my smurf account doing the same thing .. i didn't even play it for 3 months at least do something please my other accounts Garena Username name is kiritouh (user ID: 182724730 ) and my main account is this one username shirayuki-moka (user ID: 153862549 ) please do something

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    paano ang mga na perma ban na acc?? unfair nmn kac binago nyu ang rules di nyu pa nga alam ang rason na bakit, perma ban agad. dapat ibalik nyu ang mga naperma ban acc kac ang unfair kng saan na perma ban dyan pa binago, so please lng ha kac di lng ako nag iisa

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    sana naman ma ban ung mga player na nang aagaw ng lane sa rank pati ung mga feeder,nakakawalng gana maglaro dame ganyan sa rank parang d inaaksyunan...

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    sobrang discouraging na High Elo puro Player TOXIC AF Like may improvement na sana nuon yung muted, tempo ban, tas perma ban siguro may iba na kailagan ng justification pero makikita nyo naman yun sa pag review pero nayun na tinangal nyo na? yung ugali pang provisional lng eh. ang sakit sa puso sana ma improve nyo ulit yung banning system kahit mute nlng for ilang days or weeks or worst case 1 month para ma tuto. ang hirap na mag laro nayun na ganiton mga ugaling player baog na nga may gana pang mang TT.

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    bullsh-t ...

    iv heard this a million times already

    and a million times i dont give a f--k.

    i will keep quitting my games knowing your system does not have the ballz to punish me because im shoving cash down your throats...

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    im sure i have heard Riot utter this shiiit a lot of times already. kung serious sila sa discipline matagal na dapat nag implement ng strict punishment system. anong kalokohan yang Reporting System nyo ? need ng 10 million reports bago ma ban?

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    0.00001% chance rate ban rate d2... more report more chance... kaya use the report button always wag puro HONOR button

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    Question Why is my Account is Banned?

    Ask ko Lang po yung reason bakit po na ban yung account ko po hindi po ako nag login ng 1 month tapos pag login ko po player banned na po siya kung ano po paki email po saakin yung reason po at hindi ko alam anong rules ang na violate ko po since season 2 player pa po ako yung email ko po is yung gerna id ko po is 62562305

    Thank you

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    pls try to BAN this account

    NARD0NG PUT1K: report sona
    NARD0NG PUT1K: reported noob sona
    NARD0NG PUT1K: nag throw
    NARD0NG PUT1K: Sona 10 deaths weak
    NARD0NG PUT1K: Ban ka na din
    NARD0NG PUT1K: reported 3 time
    NARD0NG PUT1K: pa report kita sa kasama ko wait
    NARD0NG PUT1K: marami na akong na ban

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