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    Staff Icon 2 LoL Piltover's Finest - FAQ -

    Important Notes and Reminders:
    - Regardless the FAQ may or may not be an extension of rules, it's still important.
    - You are not required to be Challenger to join
    - Strictly no changing of Summoner Names
    - Always be available on default schedules in case of issues
    - Always state your team name when posting

    Golden Rules:
    - Unregistered IGNs are not allowed to play
    - Verbal Harassment and Offensive Language are strictly prohibited

    Get To Know Us:
    - MOD_Veigar
    - MOD_Yasuo

    Registration Requirements:
    - 5 or 6 Members with Level 30 Accounts (Any Rank)
    - Real names and UID

    - Players that's currently on PGS are not allowed to join

    In Game Names and Team Roster:

    Q: Is it okay to change our IGNs?
    A: No, we are not allowing summoners to change their IGNs after registering and before receiving the prizes.

    Q: What will happen if i changed IGN?
    A: You will be suspended until you revert it and the worst case, you may even void your prizes.

    Q: What will happen if we insist to play after changing names?
    A: Your team will be disqualified.

    Q: What if the opposing team has a member that has different IGN from the registered roster?
    A: Please inform us in our inquiry thread. Feel free to play against them if there's no immediate response from us, we will ultimately decide their fate, IGNs that is not of typo error will have their team disqualified when played, however.

    Q: What should i do when i was asked to change name by another Garena-hosted tournament?
    A: Different tournament's requirement has nothing to do with LoL Piltover's Finest even if they are both Garena-hosted, you will have to choose which tournament to prioritize should their rules, requirements or schedules overlaps.

    Q: What if my registered member does not belong to my team anymore?
    A: Please inquire it in our inquiry thread before the very first round of the tournament, in the case that your member left during the on-going tournament, you will have to proceed disadvantageously without that person.

    Q: Can we change member?
    A: No. Your team will be disqualified if you did play with the new member.

    Q: What if there's an error with our team roster?
    A: Please inquire it in our inquiry thread.

    Brackets & Assignments:

    Q: How do i know if my team is included in the tournament?
    A: You may check your team in the bracket instructions & schedules thread.

    Q: I registered the team but it's not included in the brackets?
    A: You may inquire it in our inquiry thread.

    Q: How do i communicate with the opposing team?
    A: We will provide teams their match threads in their respected regions. You may help yourself using the "Search Forum" that can be found on the top right corner of the board to search your thread.

    Q: My team does not have a match thread?
    A: You may check if your team has an opponent for that round in our bracket instructions & schedules thread. If you don't, it is normal to not have a thread yet. If you do, kindly inquire it in the inquiry thread.

    Q: What should be the Custom Game Name?
    A: Room Name should be relevant to the match, For instance "Round # - Team A vs Team B".

    Q: Who should be on Blue Team and Red Team?
    A: You are free to decide who should be on which team but in case you cant, the former team (left side) should be on Blue team and latter team (right side) on Red team

    Q: Are spectators allowed?
    A: Yes, they are allowed.

    Schedules & Matching
    Q: What are the schedules of the matches?
    A: None, matches are scheduled by both teams through agreements, but there are deadlines for each round.

    Q: What if we can't agree on any schedule?
    A: You may settle it on the default match schedules that is provided in the brackets & instructions thread.

    Q: What if both teams are not available on any schedules before the deadline?
    A: We usually don't allow extensions but feel free to inquire it in the inquiry thread.

    Q: What if the opposing team is not responding to our posts?
    A: Teams that failed to post in the thread before 12:30 PM of Deadlines may be disqualified.

    Q: Both teams were not able to post by 12:30PM of the default dates?
    A: The match will continue as usual (check the procedures on the official rules thread.)

    Q: Is it okay for us to discuss the schedules outside the forum?
    A: It is highly encouraged to discuss everything about the online tournament in your match threads, anywhere else may be considered as unofficial and invalid.

    Q: What if the opposing team is not responding on the agreed/default schedule time?
    A: Provide screenshots of your team waiting in the custom game room for 30 minutes after creating the rooms on the agreed/default time in your match thread to prove that you were present and waiting.

    Q: What if the members of opposing team are not complete on the default/agreed schedule?
    A: You may choose to wait for 30 minutes or start the game without them.

    Q: What if the members of opposing team are still not complete after waiting?
    A: You may either continue to wait until their team is complete or start the game without them and if the team with incomplete members refuses to start and insists on waiting but you do not agree with it, you may act accordingly to the instruction of Q&A just below.

    Q: What if the opponent refuses to have a match?
    A: The team that refuses to play by quitting on champion selection that was started when the room timer drops below 15:00 will be considered as match evasion and is subject to disqualification. If the team that refuses to play is the room owner, you must wait until the remaining time drops below 10:00 then provide a screenshot to your match thread and explain the details.

    Be reminded that the team that refuses to play is not based the lack of member of a team but the team that evades the match on the conditions given above, therefore you will also be vulnerable to disqualification if you did not start the game before 10:00 as the room owner.

    Screenshots has to provided as proofs.

    Q: What if the other team is being toxic?
    A: Please do seek attentions of any marshals in the inquiry thread, we will be the only one deciding their punishments. If there's no immediate response from the marshals, our only advise is to not take up their provocation and continue with the supposed match procedure, the marshals will act accordingly when they check your match thread.

    Q: What if the other team asked for a friendly unofficial match?
    A: As long as the names of the players of that game matches the registered members of the teams, the match will be considered as official even if both party agree otherwise, unless the result of that match is not reported in their match thread.

    Q: Can we move the schedule due to rotational blackout?
    A: No. We expect players to fully commit themselves to our tournament, please do move to area that is not affected by this rotational blackout beforehand.

    In Game:
    Q: Can we rematch due to disconnections?
    A: No. We consider luck as individual skill of players and a major deciding factor of the matches, therefore any unexpected disconnections will only be considered as incompetence of players due to the lack of luck.

    This however has an exception if the cause of disconnection is a natural disaster that is atleast region wide and is broadcasted on mass media, we will consider rescheduling the matches at later dates.

    Q: Can we rematch due to wrong runes, masteries or champions?
    A: No. We will not be allowing remakes due to those reasons because we are expecting teams to be fully prepared when joining this semi pro tournament.

    Q: What should we do if someone got disconnected?
    A: Use the "/pause" command to pause the game and notify the opposing team for the reason. Pause Rules

    Q: What should we do if the opposing team paused the game?
    A: Chat and ask them for the reason of the pause. Pause Rules

    Q: What if the opposing team keeps resuming after we issued pause?
    A: They may only resume if you have exceeded the time limit, if not, you may report them in the inquiry thread. Pause Rules

    Q: What is the duration before resuming the game?
    A: Until the team that paused the game resumes or 15 minutes. Pause Rules

    Q: What if some are still disconnected after the duration of the pause?
    A: The game will continue with disadvantage to the disconnected players.

    Q: What if our enemy is being toxic?
    A: Post screenshots of the violation in action in your designated match thread.

    Q: Where do we submit our screenshots and results?
    A: You have to submit your reports in your match threads for it to be valid and be reminded that we only accept uncropped/unedited screenshots.

    Q: What if the opposing team forfeited the match before we have started?
    A: Kindly ask the opposing team to post their surrendering remarks in your match thread in order for us to val it.

    Q: Are there any deadlines for submitting the reports/results?
    A: Yes, the deadlines are stated in your match thread, which is always 11:00 PM of the default date.

    Q: What if there are no valid reports from either team?
    A: Both teams will be disqualified in that case

    Q: What if the other team didn't post before 12:30 PM of the default date but still started the match?
    A: In that case, the result of the match will be considered instead. Since the match was only possible with the approval of the supposed winning team.

    Q: How do we report something about the match we just concluded?
    A: In cases that there are any problems concerning your recent match, please do report it by 11:59 PM of the deadline for that match in our inquiry thread.

    Q: What are the prizes for this tournament?
    1st Place - 1000 RP per player, 2500 PHP and 35 PF Points (10 for NCR)
    2nd place - 500 RP per player, 1500 PHP and 20 PF Points (5 for NCR)
    3rd - 4th Place - 250 RP per player, 500 PHP and 10 PF Points (3 for NCR)
    5th - 8th place - 150 RP per player and 1 PF Point

    Q: When will the prizes be inserted?
    A: The prizes will be inserted not later than 2 weeks after the whole tournament ends, not brackets.

    Q: Is it possible to lose our prize aside from manually changing names?
    A: Yes, breaking any of the rules may void your prize too, and if the UID does not match with the registered UID, you will also void your prize.

    Your question is not here? please inquire about it in the Inquiry Thread

    Note: The FAQ may change without prior notice
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