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Quicks Reminders!
  • Always consider what you want to achieve and what type of discussion you wish to lead before creating a thread. A clear and well-thought-out threads receive many more responses than threads which are vague.
  • In choosing a title for your thread, try to use something that will immediately give an idea what the topic is all about. Avoid posting threads with misleading titles.
  • We do NOT encourage posting in all Red. It would be best for a thread to be easy to read.
  • Inactive threads with responses older than two (2) weeks should NOT be bumped or replied to as the information may be outdated, unreliable & confusing. Necro threads will be locked by our Moderators without notice. You may create a new thread if need further assistance or updates on your concern.
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We reserve the right to remove any content that is deemed objectionable in a public community or suspend your access to our forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines.

* Disciplinary sanctions are given if a player is found to have participated in such action/s.

I. Posting Behavior
  • Spamming, Flaming and Trolling
    • Posting or replying to a thread whose last post was made by you should have a 24-hour interval after your next reply.
    • We do NOT encourage posting with the sole intent of upsetting other members. If you want to leave criticism, consider your post and word it constructively.
  • Profanities, Explicit Content and Inappropriate Language
    • We want to keep our forums free of unpleasant posting and we ask that you do NOT post or create threads using vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate language including posting of gore images.
  • Racism, Sexuality and Sensitive Remarks
    • Do NOT post anything that may offend another member based on gender, race, ethnicity, color, creed, religion or lifestyle.
  • Harassment and Defamatory
    • While we understand that discussions may sometimes become heated, we do NOT allow any type of harassment or defamatory posting.
  • Thread Hijacking and Duplicate Threads
    • To avoid duplicate threads, search the forums to check for a similar thread and consider posting there instead.
    • We ask that you stay on topic in each thread. Discussing or raising arguments about something unrelated is strictly prohibited. If you have a different topic that you wish to discuss, create a new thread instead.
II. User Interaction
  • Posting Cheats, Hacks, Exploits and Malicious Programs
    • Discussion and posting of the above mentioned is strictly prohibited. We strongly advise NOT to click on any suspicious links to avoid the risk of viruses, spyware and keyloggers. Please report them immediately if you see one.
  • Third-Party and Phishing Website Advertising
    • ​We do NOT tolerate forum members attempting to phish account information from others. Be cautious of websites that claim to give out free RP or in-game items just by filling in your account information. You may visit our Say NO to Phishing Sites thread to be informed of our official pages.
    • Any non-beneficial, third-party businesses, organizations, or websites are NOT allowed in our forums. Advertising is only allowed for Garena's authorized partners with permission granted by the company beforehand.
  • Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information
    • We do NOT allow posting of personally identifiable information about members or Garena employees for the safety of everyone.
  • Violence and Real-Life Threats
    • Any kind of real-life threats or indications towards hostile actions are NOT tolerated in our forums.
  • Real-Money Trading
    • Discussions or posts about real-money trading is strictly prohibited in our forums. This includes, advertising buying or selling of accounts, including ELO boosting and encouraging or directing other members to break any RMT rules. RMT is strictly against League of Legend's EULA and our forums.
  • Staff Impersonation
    • ​Forum members attempting to impersonate a Garena employee will be permanently banned without notice.
  • Drugs and Illegal Activities
    • Discussion or references to drugs or other illegal activities are NOT allowed in our forums.

III. Forum Moderation
  • Discussing Disciplinary Actions
    • ​​We do NOT allow creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against member. This includes posting inbox messages about bans, chat logs & email correspondences or other disciplinary actions which should be kept confidential between a member and a Garena representative. Posting to ask for clarification is fine, however, arguing about it is a different story.
  • Circumventing Suspension or Ban
    • We intend to keep a member from continuing the argument or disruption when we give disciplinary sanctions such as temporary suspensions or bans. Using another account after being banned to continue an argument is NOT tolerated in our forums. All posts by a smurf account will be removed.

* Infractions serve as warnings. Certain infractions can merit an automatic permanent ban and in some cases, warnings may NOT be given depending on the severity of the violation. Our Moderators may edit/delete your posts/thread without notice. Please be reminded that our EULA applies in our forums since it is also part of our game service.

Respect your fellow Summoners and have fun!