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    Disconnects after 100% loading screen then cannot reconnect.

    This keeps happening to me. It's already been 1 week since it started. I tried everything; ip helper, dns, game dvr off, deleted all the files and reinstalled (2x) and used repair tool. After reinstalling i can play like 3-5 games of rank then this happens. Please help. I got reported many times already because of this. My fps is 160-240 and my ping is like 20-50.

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    Experienced this same issue twice this past week. The 1st experience I connect into a match but get a black screen so I am forced to recon. When reconnecting, oddly all champion portraits are visible while I can load up to 100% and the other players stay at 0%. I can wait for 5 minutes but I never reconnect. Second instance, I load in another match but the game is glitched, my champion is invisible and am forced to reconnect again, only to experience the same problem as before. Please help fix, I've lost a rank because of this issue I cannot resolve.

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