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    [Searching] Guide/Coaching/Bootcamp Club

    Hello, I'm looking for a club na maari kong salihan.

    As a "to-be" club member, kailangan din ang background or maybe hobbies man lang.

    Mini About me:
    1.) I'm an Electrical Engineering Student. Very busy, stress to the max! But I still find time to play to enjoy, and not play stressfully. Okay!

    2.) I'm really into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series (Currently catching up Jojolion)

    3.) Mahilig din ako sa One Piece!

    4.) Pretty much watched most overrated and underrated Anime (Maybe may may marecommend ako for you guys)
    5.) I preferably play Hard Carry(2)/ Semi Carry(3)
    5.) I'm not 'that' good with games pero malakas logic gaming-sense ko.
    6.) Quick learner . As long as may guide ako sa mga bagay-bagay at may maka ask that is!
    7.) No ego. Ayoko sa mga kups. But it depends.

    Sana may matagpuan and masalihan ako after I download the game! See you guys in the Rift!

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