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    Frequent Game disconnections, Garena Client, not connected.

    This problem has been going on for 3 patches now.

    I've tried fixing the registry, I tried using the repair function, I even tried to complain to my internet service provider however the problem seems to be with LOL/Garena since my connection is at 15Mbps and I am the only one connected. Browsing and playing other games are fine.

    Hence the conclusion that this is all about LoLPH and Garena.

    I posted this problem before, however up until now [2 patches have gone] and NO help has been given by the Garena or this forum.

    Is LoL out of GMs? Perhaps they are understaffed or underpayed? This may probably be my last post if help isnt given. As well as my LoL days. The game is good. Garena and LoLPH destroyed it.

    I have been a good customer to LoL PH
    must've used up 15k PHP by now. Sad that the service has turned out to be this way.

    Please help, if not i will be forced to abandon this game.

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    Still waiting for an answer hahaha

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