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    lyrix po salamat

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    IGN :W4R1OCK
    TD 17343
    Role: Support/tank/jungle
    風 Swift as the wind 林 Quiet as the forest 火 Conquer like the fire 山 Steady as the mountain IGN: Lachesis

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    Main Role: ADR or AP CARRY
    Rank: Platinum 5
    Reason for Joining: need active rank team .


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    Ign: GGSunny
    Takedowns: 11,861
    Reason for joining this clan:nid clan na malalakas, gus2 q umangat sa ranking.. tnx

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    Smile Enlistment

    IGN : Don21
    Takedown: 23363
    Reason : I want to have fun
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    Talking CAn iJoin AoE

    ReaSon;to become a strong summoner

    sana maka sali ako

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    SSDD007 is on a distinguished road SSDD007's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    sa puso mo
    IGN: Jamulero
    Normal Takedown: 11xxx- I forgot but i'm pretty sure it is way above 10000
    Reason:I want to improve my skills by joining the competitive scene but not at a professional level.

    Additional info
    Main Role: ADC
    SubRole: Mid lane AP/AD and Evelynn jungle(only jungle i am currently good at)

    Btw where is that AoE lol chatroom?
    you touched my tralala, my dingding dong

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    Mga sir! Pede po pasali sa clan mejo hirap po kc ako mkaalis ng bronze 4 haha tagal k dn kasi nd nklaro since season 2 and im looking to rank up my game. Sana po ma2lungan nu ako. THNX!

    IGN: shindeKudasai
    Normal Takedowns: 11877
    Wins: 350

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    Thumbs up

    IGN: Lelaine
    Normal takedown: 36254
    Normal Wins: 1028
    Ranked Wins: 420 (Gold 1)
    Main Role: AD top, ADR
    Reason for Joining: i want to have guild since i played alone league of legends since season 2 i want something new, i want to have friends to play with. i hope ur consideration. just contact me for tryouts if ever, thanks.

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    Wink ccan i join AOE?

    IGN: tltlkidlat
    Normal takedown: 22130
    Normal Wins: 579
    Ranked Wins: 174
    Main Role: AP,ADR, AD (JUNGLER)

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    ID - Your Mouse
    Rank - Silver 1
    Takedowns - 66214

    Can I join ??

    PM ur answer tnx
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    ZyrZylo is on a distinguished road ZyrZylo's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
    • Post your IGN, # of takedowns and why you want to join the clan.
    • Enter into AoE lol chatroom named "AoE"
    • Admins and mods will schedule you for tryout (Please be reminded that during tryouts, mods do not measure you as individual but how you play as a group, good luck)
    IGN: ZyrZylo
    Takedowns: 25K
    Reason: for rank team. also been playing alone since s4(i started s3).

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