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    You have disconnected.

    Anyone else having the same problem in which the GAME (not Client, I repeat the GAME) loads until somehow when all of the players have reached 100% you suddenly disconnect and cannot reconnect/LoL goes unresponsive? Oh and BONUS problem is that I always get the Login Error routinely everytime I log in.

    God Bless you Garena, inuuna niyo ata yung pagproduce niyo ng Wah Banana.

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    Sana maayos na to kakainis sa ranked game pa ngyari

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    oh. so i'm not alone. using Globe iSP. same problem. all 100% na, tapos bigla may magpopup "you have been disconnected. check your internet blah blah blah"
    tried to alt+f4, then reconnect, 100% loading na ung char mo pero unresponsive then pop up message again.. even restarted and tried to "catch up" on the ongoing game but to no avail.

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