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    [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Ermita%C3%B1o/Desktop/rarw.jpg [/IMG] pa help po eto langf lumalabas

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    i have a problem in adobe air.

    my adobe air is updated.
    i have .net framework 4.5

    what causes my problem? i really hate it when LoL cruches during champ select.
    im also thinking if this also causes the lags im expriencing >>> attempting to reconnect.

    please help.

    this is still unresolve >>> http://forum.lol.garena.ph/showthrea...d-working.-.-.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jndee00 View Post
    this problem has no fix at all .. it's like the developer doesnt do anything with this problem .. i hope they're making an action for this ..
    i agree.

    i think they do not know the latest adobe air version from adobe.

    if you will compare the adobe air.dll from (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0) >> newly installed from adobe website >> size is 19,479,400 bytes.

    then the adobe air.dll required by LoL found on C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoLPH\GameData\Apps\LoLPH\Air\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0 >> newly installed >> size is 20,694,888 bytes.

    they always tell me to update my adobe air which can be downloaded from adobe website. i did it! but problem still persist. because size of adobe air.dll from adobe installer is different from the installer/patch of LOL.

    but even i updated my adobe air.dll (updated means that i installed what LOL requires), i still have this error >> ADOBE AIR DEBUG LAUNCHER HAS STOPPED WORKING!!>> then my LoL closes/crashes! i cannot join queue to play!!

    please fix.

    i have this error on this thread still unresolved!! >> http://forum.lol.garena.ph/showthrea...d-working.-.-.

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    im not sure if the adobe air thing works based the post date it is outdated but i downloaded it my league of legends always crush and ses somthing about air thingy sometimes when im playing it ses bug thats why i look for a solution here ^_^

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    hope GM or Admins can read this,

    i have been experiencing this kind of error too. but it only occurs when i'm playing my account (works normally on other accounts)
    is there an option how to fix this crappy thing?i'll be glad if you will answer YES.

    Scenario: after champion selections, the client doesn't start. it appears black screen and it closes automatically and when i'm trying to log again it happens the same.
    (Acer Aspire - Windows8)

    please check my account if necessary.
    Truly yours, arziiL
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    Sino po sa inyo ang nakakaranas ng biglang pagbaba ng FPS? minsan po kasi sa una okey yung FPS 60fps, then bigla na lang baba yung fps. Ang ginagawa ko lang ay re-start the PC, then okey na ulit. Ibig sabihin may program na nagpapa baba ng fps, then na-discover lang namin na kapag bumaba ang FPS, ang gagawin lang namin is Task Manager, then Processes, tapos End Task yung Garena Messenger then Okey na ulit yung FPS.

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    Air debug something in champ select and auto close ang LOLPH client any remedies?

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    i just want to ask.. about the bug i experience in my LOL just now after i update my LOL to the latest version... my LOL will automatic close the client after i finish a game also i cant play normal games i can only play AI games only what bug could be the cause of this? does anyone know how to fix it im using win8 and my computer spec is all good... thanks for any help!

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    somebody can tell how to fix my problem on LOL?
    its all about "maestro error"

    pls help me
    my OS is windows 8

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    sir I'm facing a problem that is new to me. yesterday till tody I don't what happen after my LoL crashed out and magically( lol) fixed whenever I'm playing or into the game the "Item Shop" window became so large that its impossible for me to see the lower part. Can you help me with this one? I tries re-installing the game and still facing the same problem

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