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    who is the best ad darius or jarvan 4?

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    This are my questions...

    1. What made you join TPS?
    2. What is the perks (advantages) of joining a professional gaming team like TPS?
    3. Are there any downsides of being a professional gamer?
    4. I'm poor at jungling and I perform it the worst out of the other types. How could I enhance my skills in using jungler types?
    5. What is the secret of being a good jungler???
    6. What could you say about those junglers being always blamed by the team when something goes wrong? ^^
    7. When did you start play LoL and how long do you practice or play League??
    8. Tips on newbies?? and to other LoL gamers out there. )))
    9. What can you say about Filipino gamers, and MLE????
    10. TIPS TO ME??? (Give me some tips)

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    Iam a poor jungler visitor can you give me tips on how could i respond on teamates fast and effective

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    Quote Originally Posted by xLone.Ranger View Post
    Hi, TPS OhReal. I have some questions:

    1. I use Sejuani as a jungler sometimes, because I rarely see her. I can farm pretty well. How can I use Sejuani effectively?
    2. Is Shyvana a Solo Top or a Jungle?
    3. Aside from Elise, what champion do you use in jungling?
    4. Is there a common mastery and runes all junglers should follow?
    5. Lastly, what lane should I gank most?
    1. Sejuana need her ult, so you need to try to hit lv1 asap!
    2. Top is better
    3 Lee sin
    4. 21/9/0 for most champs, for early damage
    5. Mid

    Quote Originally Posted by slashlennon View Post
    if vel koz can talk where is his mouth? and what is your best jungler
    right under his nose, i guess

    Quote Originally Posted by ultimato75 View Post
    can you tell some tricks to ezreal so i can carry the whole team, and some builds to ez.
    dont use your E too aggressive. trinity force+blood thirster is an awasom build
    I usually starts with a long sword + 2pots so i get 1 more pot then enemy ad.

    Quote Originally Posted by RanieleinaR05 View Post
    1.What is your Super AD Build when you are jungler?
    2. Can you give some Neutral Jungling Strategy? At least give some.
    Thanks TPS-OHREAL
    rush Spriri of the Elder lizard, most of jungles doesnt need boots early. after that brutalizer and last whisper.
    Quote Originally Posted by i_am.eviL View Post
    ow thanks mr ohreal for answering my questions. well, since you answer things a lot then i should ask this question that awei didn't answer. if given a chance to spend a night with a lol champ (supposedly they are real person) whom would you sleep with (doesn't matter if its a he or she or it ^_^) and why?

    disclaimer:this is not a kinky question, just take it literally, no double meaning intended.

    if u could answer this, i think you are by far the coolest gamer i ever met thanks!!!

    ps: who designed your uniforms? its kinda cool! can i have one? ^_^
    Ahri ofx man those boobs.
    Quote Originally Posted by harmless12 View Post
    What does the fox say?

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmmm100 View Post
    1. Fiora, Jax and Tryndamere, In your opinion, who would you choose if your role is jungler?
    2. How can I counter Tryndamere in late game?
    3. Who is the hardest solo top to counter?

    Thank you for answering my question......
    1. Tryndamere, its easy to carry the team with a fed tryndamere
    2. champs with a hard cc, like Pantheon and Annie.
    3. Renekton

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    Can You Give Me Some 6000RP Or LIKE 900RP I WILL THANK YOU EVERYDAY

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    Ahri ofx man those boobs.
    well if boobs are such reasons, why not go for nidalee's (translucent and plum) ^_^

    but hail to the coolest gamer ever ----> OHREAL

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    what are your Favorite champions to play when you're in Top Lane.. and recommended runes and masteries

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    Can You Teach me want to buy this selected skins

    Cryocore Brand OR
    Astronaut Teemo?

    Please What do you think?

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