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    Real Name: Arianne Kaori Dimaano
    Summoner Name: Myawri
    GUID: 99522563
    Rank/Division: Diamond V
    Main Role: Mid
    Sub Role: Support
    Best Champion/Champions: Ahri / Soraka / Janna
    Time you usually play: Almost everyday XD
    Location: Batangas
    Facebook(optional for male):
    Contact No.(optional for male): hehe
    Reason for joining: Walang makalaro? hehe
    Future IGN after the enlistment: ArxMing or ArxMyaw

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    Real Name: Angelo
    Summoner Name: Collosas
    GUID: 289447215
    Rank/Division: Platinum 5
    Main Role: ADR
    Sub Role: TOP
    Best Champion/Champions: SORAKA
    Time you usually play: 15 HOURS
    Location: GMA Cavite
    Contact No.:
    Future IGN after the enlistment: ArxKILABOTngTROPA

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