Thank you for your input. Last inquiry.
Who are your top picks and who is your favorite champ?

Champions able to kill the enemy.
every counter pick is my favorite.


what is a role of a solo top player?
what are the pros and cons in being a solo top player?
when is the right time to get a double ap in your line up? like the lissandra of fnatic soaz last s3 world champs.

similar questions asked above.
pros - just need to focus on the lane, cons - it kinda boring
pick a bruiser

what jungler champions would you like to go with?

Kha'Zix or Elise

my friend asked me what is the meaning of your suggested rank team name, the Jack of All Trades



Which top champion do you like the most? Why? Which top champion is strong in this meta? Is Jayce, Mordekaiser, Kayle top still strong in this meta?
I'm an average Renekton player. I prefer damage over tankiness. I always rush Black Cleaver as my first item then spirit visage then randuin's omen and other depends on condition. I can see that you build renekton by rushing tiamat. Which is better for renekton to rush, tiamat or brutalizer?
Could you show me your mastery page for Renekton by taking screenshot?

.Diana, i like champion using blades, looks cool, Renekton shows its strength very well in this meta
.Kayle worth a try.
.Tiamat is good at pushing the lane, l337 does more damage and -CD, it depends what you want to build then.

I'd some question about your teammate.
Why Winds like to use 4:3 resolution for LOL? I can see that everyone in your team using 16:9 and only him using 4:3.
Why your teammate like to train in KR server? Why not NA server?
Do you still contact mistake?
Do you fell annoying because of GodJJ? I can see that he is very active and very emotional.
Who decided to move OhReal from Jungle to AD then to Mid? Why?
Is lilballz your team coach?

Just ask him this week ;D
The ping issue...
Coach made this switch, because Ohreal met a difficult time playing Jungler at the late S3 meta.


Hi there again..

1. Who is the most annoying enemy top for you???

2. Which do you prefer on top Lissandra or Elise???

Someone picks a counterpick to mine.
Lissandra, easiler to survive.