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    Ask Me Anything (AMA) with TPS Awei

    Greetings Summoners!

    The 2014 Spring Season of the Garena Premier League has just started and we know that many of our Pinoy summoners are avid fans of not just our very-own PH teams but also the various top League of Legends teams in the region. As such, the members of the world-renowned Taipei Snipers have given us the honor of their presence through a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.

    After TPS GoDJJ's AMA session, it's now the Taipei Snipers' support player TPS Awei's turn in the hot seat. He will be answering your questions posted on this thread from February 19 to 23, 2014 (thread will be opened for questions on Feb 18 - 11:59 PM and will be closed on Feb 23 - 11:59 PM)

    You can ask him anything related to his team (TPS) as well as stuff related to what he does as a professional League of Legends player (i.e. strategy, training regimen, etc.) and he'll be most happy to respond to your questions.

    Remember our guidelines though:
    - Please stay on topic.

    - Please be patient. Due to the players? busy schedule, it may take a few hours before they can answer your questions.

    - Please use English when asking questions.
    - Please read the thread to make sure your question hasn't been answered yet before you post.

    Ask away!

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    As a support player, what tips can you give that may help a team win. Thanks.
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    I'm not a very good support player but I do and really want to become an excellent one. What tips can you tell/teach me on how to be someone as good as you in lane supporting?

    P.S: I'm a good fan of yours! ;D

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    If you were given a chance? what will you do?

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    What do you think is the best strategy for a support? Going aggressive or stay passive and wait for ganks in a lane?
    Do you think the new meta now is better having support carries like Annie and Zyra?

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    Can you give me some helpful tips and tricks on handling my favorite support thresh? I would absolutely appreciate every single tip you'll advise.
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    pls can u give me a tricks for my favorite support blitzcrank

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    What can you say about the metagaming in the Season 4 Support role?
    Currently on Hiatus @ LoL. Best Wishes to all of Aspiring players!

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    How much MONEY did you spend playing L.O.L?

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    1. oftentimes, we (supports) give the cs count to our adc's so that they could advance immediately on their items. in exchange, supports are behind gold. which among the gold gen items (coin, shield, spellthief) would you consider buying? why or why not?
    2. which do you prioritize more, defensive or offensive items?
    3. i often go with an exhaust-ignite spell combination instead of a supporting spell-ghost/flash. do you think that's just fine? suggestion, perhaps?
    4. i really don't have a team to play with, so i always go for solo queue. any advice?
    5. do you have a standard mastery build for all your champs, or does it vary with every one you use?


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    Weu weu weu smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll has a reputation beyond repute smrdll's Avatar
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    1. Can you tell us whats behind your in-game name Awei???
    2. Who is the most annoying enemy support for you???
    3. Do you play other roles besides support???
    4. Any special food or drink you take before you play?
    5. Whats your favorite champion skin???
    6. Which gold item do you prefer on Sona, Nami, Thresh, Leona and Taric???
    7. What do you think of Zilean as a support??? How about support Shaco???
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    I only just have simple question, as a player, what encouragement do you get or pleasure you get from playing League of Legends and what does the League has that other Online RPG/DotA-like games do not have?

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    Which do you think is a better item build for melee supports and why?
    a. Ancient Coin+stealth ward+ health potion + trinket(yellow or red?)
    b. Relic shield + stealth ward + health/mana potion + trinket(yellow or red?)
    c. Doran's shield + stealthward + trinket(yellow or red?)

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    what kind of hairstyle is that? why choose that?

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    undefeatedable is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Quote Originally Posted by Srego View Post
    what kind of hairstyle is that? why choose that?

    or this:
    Are you wearing a toupee?
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    why did you played LoL???

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    why do you have to ban other champions??for what reason?

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    Red face

    1. thanks for this opportunity that i will be able to ask for tips in the pro world gamer.
    2. can you give advice about trainings that you'll do to be a good support in lane and in your ADC's
    3. what does support do in clash, do i need to protect my ADC 1st or disable the enemy's ADC's
    4. once again thanks, hope this will be answered

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    Are you a Rockstar ? xD

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    What good/smart tips that you must know when playing support?
    Can i win even your carry really sucks?like feeding and really agressive?
    How should i handle that kind of carry?

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    i'm using support soraka hmmm pls help me more to improve

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    ANYTHING??? really?? u better answer me okay? before I stop believing in riot.. who is the next champ after VEL'KOZ? better answer love you guys!

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    Give me Some Tips! can you give that may help a team win! xD and Some Tips using Blitzcrank! xD

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    Im actually good in support but not so much ! Can you give me tips to improve my supporting skills ?

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    How can we maximize our time on supporting other heroes (especially we are the main targets) during a clash?

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