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    Question Does Report System Works?

    Can i ask if the Report System after Game works? Because from my perspective it doesn't specially for Throwers/Feeders, i mean the serious feeder and thrower who sells all of its item then go down mid just to give the enemy team a kill and to piss-off his teammates.
    I am just having a thought if the report system is working coz I don't feel it is working.
    I can handle the Verbal Abuse(Keyboard Warriors) because it's very easy to mute and most of the time i "/mute all" in Solo Queue.

    I think Wall of Shame is more reliable just my two cents

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    Report tool does work. It still functions as it was before; once you report a player, it'll cross-check their chat/game performance to val!date if your report is legit. If your report is legit, then that toxic player's game will be marked as the game they were caught being toxic. By the way, the basis for a punishment to trigger is the number of games the player was being toxic, not the number of reports per game. Another way of putting is how frequently are they toxic in their match history.

    The problem? Not everyone bothers using the report tool after the game.
    And why do they not bother using the report tool? You ask them.
    Whose fault is it that toxic players are still around? The LoL PH community. You blame them, not Garena. Riot already made a system to handle toxicity, yet the playerbase seems to forget it exists.

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    Consistent post-game reports against a player will result in disciplinary action. Reporting a player through the in-game system is the only way to ensure that such a case will face potential punishment; reports sent to Player Support will not count against a player.

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    Worked for me, got a player 1 week banned because he way inting.

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    got feedback so ye it's working

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    2018% working.....
    pick yasuo
    then u receive chat message in game toxic...
    like this "pota ina yasuo pa kasi cancer pa kasi feeder naman din" people keyboard typer....
    try this pick instalock yasuo kahit my top o mid na.. maka kita ka ng TOXIC chat haha

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    I've been demoted two times this past week because of inting players, I reported them all but it looks like the reporting tool doesn't give feedback I have yet to receive feedback since season 5. Whats wrong with this picture?

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    Am just wondering why do the LoL Garena PH allowed kids to play on rank and ruined the entire teammates causing others to be demoted from their recent rank level like what had happened to me This is ANNOYING!!! Stupid players are always making the game WORST and embarrassing. Will you please take some time to check reports and punish the violator including this kids that plays on rank even if they are not yet skilled and prepared to play.

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