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    bakit po nag stuck sya sa optimizing resources pag cinlick yung repair?

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    pa help nmn po pano ilocate ung games folder ??

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    p help nmn pano ilocate ung games ???

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    Mga FM nageerror yung merge ng libcef.dll sakin 45/123 sya.. 20171214 to 20180108

    Please help thanks

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    bakit ''failed to patch game files'' nalabas sa aking manual patcher. eto yung pinaka dulo

    File is patched: LeagueClient\LeagueClientUxRender.exe

    File : (45/123) LeagueClient\libcef.dll

    File doesn't match: LeagueClient\libcef.dll, expected crc:267e8045, local crc:28dcd116

    File : (1/1) Game\

    Failed to merge LeagueClient\libcef.dll

    Failed to move Game\

    Failed to merge Game\

    Failed to apply patch

    Merging result: 0

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    Thumbs down

    Nung unang patch can not find expected build so kung ano ano ginawa ko wala man nangyari until naisipan ko
    Uninstall ko yung buong lol sa control panel ginawa ko yun tapos nag manual patch ako and gumana sya . Nagpahinga after ilang games and i put my pc to sleep mode pagbalik ayun sira nanaman ano ba naman yan ?
    Tapos pinalitan na yung lumang messenger please naman tulungan nyo kami

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    What is the reason why sometimes cannot update League of Legend?

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    Same with mine. Already downloaded the two files from cause update takes TOO long/FOREVER. I really hoped to get it right this time, but no. Still doesn't work. Sadly also a victim of "can not find expected build, please try again" error.
    And by the way, the REPAIR update ALSO TAKES FOREVER to update, maybe due to our country's slow internet or whatever. It's really a big hassle and it SUCKS. To the mod of this thread, please help. To whoever encountered the same problem and solved it, PLEASE DO HELP. ASAP.

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    Garena please help repair tool doesnt work stuck 1% jesus christ!!!

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    same ganun din sakin mas maganda pa yung garena v1 eh

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