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    Unhappy Process Hungry New Garena Client bring back the old one!

    the game keeps getting more and more complicated to run with high usage of processor and ram even with the internet with this new garena client .. slow game updates take note its fibr now? what's up? why is that? look at facebook there are so many complaints..
    others are having issues with authentication time out because of high usage of internet..
    before garena v2 their not having issues with lags nor major problems like this..
    even gcafe techs doesn't install garena v2 in the cafe which they maintain.. because of bugs and.. its not even friendly with diskless cafe users..
    why not fix and optimize the new one before outdating the old which is far more better and stable rather than this.. many computer shops are complaining about this.
    i even see people not using that new platform.. even in its beta days..

    im on the edge of quitting or not quitting LoL with this update.. if this continue.. i'd rather go with some other game which has easy and optimized launchers, lively forum and fast responding moderators regarding issues..

    no wonder this is the worst step ever made in garena.. from the top since frozen throne (dota1) days.. which made them here now today..

    Fully disappointed
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