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    Updated 16/12/2017

    Hello everyone! [ Illegal.Strategy ] is currently recruiting all players of all levels and skill levels into our well organized club. We offer a variety of choices for you to make, whether you are a casual player or a serious competitive player and
    we are always active in game. From my own experience, Illegal.Strategy can be very flexible. So whether you're a casual or competitive player, we try to accommodate to your needs!

    We currently have 20+ squads/teams that are active and play together regularly.

    Q: How do I sign up?
    A: Just Message me here in facebook or just comment below in this post with your IGN so that I can add you.

    Q: What will happen once I sign up?
    A: We will analyze your Profile first then exclude you in tryout if you pass.

    Q: I am under level 30, will I still be able to join TG?
    A: Yes. Everyone can join, whether you are new to the game or are trying to get to level 30.

    Q: Do I need to Change Name for the Club Name?
    A: Its optional ^^

    Feel free to ask any sort of questions by replying below.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I, as well as everyone in Illegal.Strategy's League of Legends PH division, hope to see you very soon!

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    I`m still adjusting to the new runes and I think you guys can help me. I would like to be part of your community.
    IGN: QQ Alex

    btw my latest match history is a mess because of this PLDT connection issue.
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    hi there! I just came back to my game and I was amazed about the updates! I think I am going to hava alittle struggle here.

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    Not a smurf.
    Seriously, I'm not. I'm new to this MOBA game but I have strong logic gaming-sense.

    Summoner Name: Schimtz

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