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    Thumbs down What the hell bugsplat. Lost LP because of this.

    Of course reconnecting to the game would give me another bugsplat, until my team remakes, and wait for the post game screen showing that I lose LP because of it, plus having ineligibility to earn loot because of this 7.24 patch. Expecting compensation for LP lost and lifting the punishment for AFK behavior.
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    I'm really sorry to hear about your issue with Loading Screen Issue/Bugsplat & Game Crash. Hence, you might want to consider the following:

    1 - Did you have any changes in your computer? (e.g. installed a New Program, downgraded the Operating System, upgraded a Security Software) Make a comparison in the System Requirements: [Click Me]

    2 - When did you last updated both Garena and League of Legends Client? If long ago or just recently then reapply the update, but be sure your client is right on the version with the use of [
    Manual Patch]. If you also encounter a problem during patch or missed a hotfix, then do not ignore and visit the latest and stickied Central Thread for File Patch Errors to fix the error (e.g. Failed to Merge, Failed to Replace).

    3 - Have you used a third-party software, or recall that there's a faulty or recurring errors other than bugsplat that happens not rarely but often? If so, perform a complete re-installation on both Garena+ and LoL PH Clients: [Guide]

    4 - When did the last time you updated, or ran a maintenance on your computer? If you do not recall then do update or re-install the following: [Net Framework 3.5] [DirectX] and [Windows]

    5 - (If applicable) Is your Security Software active and automatically running its update? If so, retry the match but temporarily disable any Security Software (e.g. Antivirus, Antimalware) or permanently add LoLPH to its exclusions. How to: [Avast] [Avira] [AVG] [BitDefender] [Comodo] [Eset NOD32] [Kaspersky] [Others]

    6 - Do you recall adding a Summoner whose name isn't recognizable or contains Special Characters? (e.g. boxed only names, no letters) If so, remove them on your friend/ignored/block list (not the list at Garena).

    7 - What kind of error occurs when you encounter the bug splat? If DirectX, then configure your Graphics Card: [Guide] or
    [Click Me]. If error occurred just the recent patch, then re-patch your client: [#2]. If it's a Network Warning Error, then reconnect to the game in a couple of minutes (or until everyone in the said match has loaded the game). Note that unstable Internet Service Provider (i.e. depending on WiFi, prepaid Broadband, bypassing VIX through VPN) can also cause you this error.

    8 -
    If you're using New Garena, try opting for Repair.

    I look forward to the result, thank you.

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