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    Exclamation Fortune Arcade Roll Bug !!!!!!

    Hello RIOT im just asking about my transaction,
    before i roll i have 2 time roll to get 100% chance of skin guarantee which mean my 3rd roll grant 100% chance of getting skin above its only 90RP.

    when i top up 100 RP and because of your post about URF reward, i receive a BUNDLE,.. which is my first transaction of the today..

    then when i start my first roll the reward doesn't show i think it was lag, then i try to click multiple times, a few mins i receive my first roll reward it was hextech key fragment, then the following roll i got mercenary katarina,..

    on my 3rd roll it says not enough RP. but before i roll ,the roll indicate was `2` roll then why my 3rd roll not enough RP but i convert 100RP ,on each roll is just 30RP why one of my roll doesn't show in purchase history..
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    May ganito rin akong problema sir

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    I-contact po ang customer support -link- para po ma-check ang inyong account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacrificerof View Post
    May ganito rin akong problema sir
    sabi ni yasuo dun daw sa customer support

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