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    Your Report tool is useless, you are e

    I suggest you focus more on the report tool rather than other stuff, kinda using the report tool to report players but NO it doesn't affect them. or rather remove this game in garena and just send it back to riot so they can literally utilize the fcking report tool, what a bunch of bulle for not even giving two cents of care to people who uses the report tool

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    Report tool does work. It still functions as it was before; once you report a player, it'll cross-check their chat/game performance to val!date if your report is legit. If your report is legit, then that toxic player's game will be marked as the game they were caught being toxic. By the way, the basis for a punishment to trigger is the number of games the player was being toxic, not the number of reports.

    The problem? Not everyone bothers using the report tool after the game.
    And why? You ask them.
    Whose fault is it that toxic players are still around? The LoL PH community. You blame them, not Garena. Riot already made a system to handle toxicity, yet the playerbase seems to forget it exists.

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    kong ayaw mo maniwala na gana ang report tool d2... wag ka mag report...
    play own risk sa laro na 2 di mo lahat control ang player d2 meron CANCER,NOOB,FEEDER.... win or lose ok lang yan game lang to... mas halaga pa League point (LP) mo ?kaysa sa real life.... kaya laro na lang at use report tool.

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