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    Post [NP] Naughty Pinas Esports Team

    Naghahanap po yung Naughty Pinas na ma rerecruit na players na kayang makipag sabayan sa League of Legends.

    WHAT IS OUR GOAL: " to promote a non-toxic environment for players that are willing to join us, also, we would like to participate in online and local tournaments that would attract more players to join our group "
    - Must be platinum 5 and above only
    - Friendly and Sportsmanlike player
    - Chill at all times ( Don't create drama that might trigger the group or a specific person )
    - Must be active in League Of Legends.
    - Can follow the given rules at all times.
    - Change Name Optional
    Kindly answer and comment down below the following:
    In-game Name:
    Rank in Solo/Duo queue:
    Rank in Flex queue:
    Main Role:
    Secondary Role:
    Are you willing to change your in-game name ?
    Do you Agree to the Requirements given ? Yes or No ?
    Thank you for reading.

    - L?x? ?ęlle
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