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    Orange Essence disenchant value lowered

    Hi Guys,

    TL;DR - They should compensate RP buyers who invested in getting Skin shards because they significantly lowered the value of Orange essence you got from disenchanting skin shards. At the very least compensate us by giving the fair value of the orange essence lost from the skin shards we've had pre-end of season.

    I've been a fan of the box opening since it was released and when I say a fan, I've been buying a lot on my main account before to the point that I have 13 rows of 4 shards each = 52. This doesn't include those I combined, sold or even made permanent yet. Before, I've been saving the shards and not converting it to essence yet because I might use it in the future then when I looked now, I found that the disenchant value was lowered too much.

    This is very unfair given that I didn't get these shards from the free keys. I got these by buying it using RP so I'm sure I deserve the full value of disenchantment at the very least? Why didn't they think about this?

    Yeah, I've done my homework and read that they lowered it because players will be getting more skin shards now, but hey, I can't play that much which is why I bought these items in the first place?

    My question is, is there a chance for them to check the account history and allow the old disenchantment, or simply gift the orange essence back to me for those I want to sell now? The disenchantment value is so low now. From 65 Orange essence from 200 RP worth shards, it's now only 40. Roughly the 500 RP skin shards can be sold from like 165 essence but now it's only 100.

    Isn't this cheating? You should lower the Orange Essence Value of the new items not the old ones or at least compensate those who bought RP for the lost Orange essence value after the pre-season patch to compensate. Otherwise, this will be a scam. A way to devalue the items bought fairly by money. More like demonitizing.

    Respectfully, one who support buying RP and helping LOL stay in the PH.

    Here's a sample computation based directly from the account I'm mostly using.

    Below are the number of shards I bought using RP per skin value (200, 500, 900, etc.), the old and new values the total I should still have and total I've lost. Now, if you guys can see this, please do something.



    900 RP-1 SHARD /297 /180 /FROM 297 TO 180 = 117
    250 RP-15 SHARDS /83 /50 /FROM 1245 TO 750 = 495
    500 RP-11 SHARDS /165 /100 /FROM 1815 TO 1100 = 715
    200 RP-23 SHARDS /65 /40 /FROM 1495 TO 920 = 575
    120 RP-1 SHARD /40 /24 /FROM 40 TO 24 = 16
    60 RP-1 SHARD /20 /12 /FROM 20 TO 12 = 8

    TOTAL: 51 SHARDS 670 406 FROM 4912 TO 2986 = 1926 LOST

    P.S. This is only the total value of the shards if I disenchant all but as you can see, it's still a very big amount to lose even if I just sold half (which is what I will definitely do if they announced this really early).
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    nga eh nangonti jusko hirap na hirap ako i unlock ung SG jinx jan napa RP pa tuloy

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    up for this. flat is justice

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    sana ibalik sa dati... grabe naman... pinagta trabahuhan din namin ung ginagastos namin na rp... tapos ganyan... nakakawalang gana..puro kayo papera

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    Sinabi nila yan bago mag patch ng runes reforged na i-nenerf nila ang disenchant value ng orange essence.

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