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    Reinstalling League Client Error. Lost atleast 80 lp after bugsplatting on Ranked

    Trying to reinstall League with old installer and complete patches. This is screenshot everytime I tried to patch the client

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    same here,

    Getting good old NSIS error even when using the NCRC command on cmd.

    i lost 8 hours downloading a corrupt 8 gb installer (downloaded twice already) still corrupt files
    Redid the Lol installer and found out i have missing approx ~13 mb of files. Re run the installer.exe more than fifty times to complete the missing file pero laging corrupt pag nag rrun. Minsan sa pag eextract palang may error na.

    I checked off my antivirus when installing. No system problems whatsoever. Ran chkdsk and stuff.

    Having my wit's end and going to have a copy paste ready version of the client. Ugh ayoko na mag hintay for DL kung corrupted naman ang files everytime.

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