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    About the new Garena...

    don't know if this is the right forum (about the new Garena, not specifically LoL), but can't we leave the Garena+ for the patcher, just so it will patch smoothly. or have a new, separate patcher that works like the old garena, but just for LoL. i'm not saying to leave the old Garena to be working with LoL, but just to patch.

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    Patch it manually.

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    well, i tried patching manually but it still gives me "optimizing files" and it still downloads a bunch of what i assume mini/bug patches that's not on the manual patch list.... as much as possible i want to lessen the "download" for all my pc(s) so i preferred the manual patch over the automatic and just copy-pasted the patcher. i had a code for copying new files to the other pc's, but that sometimes get buggy.

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    Revert to the old Garena + like me.

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