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    Sir kung pwede pa upload ng "Plugins\rcp-fe-lol-champ-select\assets.wad"

    Error Message:
    "LeagueClient\Plugins\rcp-fe-lol-champ-select\assets.wad, expected size:67201597, local size:67033083"

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    Pano po to wala po ako rank game or normal game seletion
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    NO normal game, rank game mode..

    Pano po ito ayusin MOD blitzcrank..
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    Mod Blitzcrank pa-prioritize naman po yung mga assets.wad files sa \Plugins section, Thank you!
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    Pa upload naman po ng GarenaLoLPH\GameData\Apps\LoLPH\LeagueClient\Plugi ns\rcp-fe-lol-clubs\assets.wad
    Thank you in Advance ^_^

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    Still waiting for Plugins\rcp-fe-lol-champ-select\assets.wad

    Saka if pwede po lahat ng assets.wad sa \Plugins section pa-upload po parang error po lahat ng assets.wad files ko

    I want to play LoL

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    I always get stuck at optimizing resources. What is the cause of this?

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    Can I have your help with this File/Error?
    File doesn't match: LeagueClient\Plugins\rcp-fe-lol-clubs\assets.wad, expected size:367560, local size:367178

    thanks for the help

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    Medyo late pero
    in need of a file

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    Balita dito? wala padin yung Plugins\rcp-fe-lol-champ-select\assets.wad?

    after 2 whole weeks wala padin.

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    Good day! I would just like to know if there are any updates on this because while I was patching 7.22, there was a file that did not match. LeagueClient\Plugins\rcp-fe-common-libs\assets.wad.

    Is there anyone who can help me on this? Thank you!

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    pa upload po na rcp fe uikit/asset.wasds ty

    ty sa tulong

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    Wala parin Plugins\rcp-fe-lol-champ-select\assets.wad?
    Di ako makapaglaro

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