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    Lightbulb Security Suggestion

    okey i know that security and account issues are all over the forums nowdays there are way too many reasons and stuff happening that can lead to account misinformation or worse account loss other things that are just obvious human error i would like to suggest a LOG in system on garena client as well on the MAIN site log in
    Here are a few option that i think will will help on such issues ..
    1.account confirmation log in option
    -if this option is enabled whenever someone is logging in on un Authorised PC or device the user will be directed to confirm his log in using mobile SMS or Email registered with a mobile number improved garena APP (android/IOS)
    when using this app users are able to approve log in or reject it (mainsite) and disconnect the user when in game using mobile Authorization system can be SMS e mail or a unique code that can be sent into a specific mobile(must have a number of options for users to costumiz thei security settings)
    3.Unique password Authorization (client AKA:garena)
    if this option is enabled the system will sent a confirmation code VIA SMS into user's device

    there are just some of my ideas and most game in the industry have at least two of these system included on their server/system im not a hard core player but i do collect skins and unique items in LOL and yes due to lack of security well my some of my account has either been hacked or suspended and i dont even know what happened until i found out that someone has logged in my account into a public cafe .. soo please garena do keep this in mind there are blacklisted and whitelight hackers and belive me its only a matter of time before they strike soo start by blocking blue hat and green hat noobs by implementing a system that can be used by anyone but near impossible to penetrate unless its human error..
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    Verified ba e-mail mo? Nakabind ba sa mobile mo ang garena account mo? Hindi nila basta basta mapapalitan password nyan basta nakabind.

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