Hi, I am a Singed one trick currently in Platinum V, and I really enjoy playing Singed. We all know the unbeerable time it took before they released the Beekeeper Singed skin, delayed due to bugs. Due to this, I from the PH server myself was excited for the expected skin release, which of course was delayed for our server. I found that fine

Later on Garena releases an rp conversion exclusive where with 500 you get the Beekeeper Singed early, and 750 for the "exclusive" icon.

I was fine with the skin being at the 500 rp conversion tier since you get to spend the 500 on something else anyway, but the icon?what about the icon? why's it exclusive?

It's freely for sale in other servers. I contacted Riot Support about this and they've replied saying they only handle for Riot not Garena, and have no idea why you guys did that.