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    Client patch notes

    Hey Garena I'm kinda troubling you right now because the patch notes in the client aren't updated. It's already 7.20 but the patch notes are still in 7.18. Not hating or anything but I would appreciate it if the client patch notes were updated along with the game itself Thanks a bunch!

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    This... It doesn't take much but it does get annoying that I have to open the patch notes in the browser when there's an in-client feature for this but is not updated...

    As someone who follows changes from PBE and other regions, I've gotten confused myself if the recent patch has been put out for PH yet... It doesn't help the least bit that the new Garena client's League home page is not updated with the news (seriously, look at it, it shows Mage Mayhem sale and Arclight Yorick and the order is even different from the Garena website)...

    I've had a people a few days ago not know what the circle thingy on Xin Zhao does, using Cait's headshots on minions instead of the tower and build Ardent Censer for the on-hit healing because apparently the changes haven't been put out... I've told them that it's in the patch notes and they argued otherwise... Got me scratching my head until I found out the patch notes still displays patch 7.18...

    While we're at it, would you kindly place the last 3 patch notes (e.g. 7.18, 7.19, 7.20) in there as well? (if you could put the GCalp section in there, I'm thinking you have the capability to do this too)
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