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    Champ Select Hostage Takers

    Dear Garena Staff,

    As you may know there are players that enter queue and take champ select hostage. Im taking about players that dont get their role or champion and would threaten to intentionally feed or worsen your playing experience if they dont get their desired roles/champions. And I have read posts here with the same topic and mods suggest to let it play out and report the person after the game. This kind of action is one of the most surefire ways of banning that player but I dont think that it will solve the problem.

    NA and other servers probably deal with the same problem but an NA player reported this instance to Riot's Player Support and has received a response.

    Here is the post of the player:

    Here is one of the replies of Riot:

    I hope that you read the lined thread but here is the TL;DR:
    Riot does not condone this behavior and dodging is fine in this scenario. Riot's Player Support will happily receive screenshots of the champ select which evidently show this kind of behavior and accept and treat those as reports.

    I wish that Garena PH will follow in the same direction but I would understand if they could not implement this (due to lack of manpower/resources or what not). Any kind of response from the staff would be very much appreciated.

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