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Hi guys, meron ulit akong tutorial para i-bandwith control/traffic shaping ang inyong internet connection. At syempre Globe po ulit (kadalasan globe lang may bandwith control, pero parang meron ata sa new modem ng pldt fiber). Etong model na to ganto ung luma naming modem galing kay globe. Wala na atang binibigay na gantong modem. Pero para sa inyo na may gantong model ay panigurado akong makakatulong to sa inyo. Dito ko unang nalaman ung pag control ng bandwith. Nasaktohan na, na chat ako nung tropa ko. Kinormfirm nya kung ano dapat ilagay sa upload. Nagpa-upgrade kasi sila from 5bmps to 10mbps last 2 weeks pa, kaso kaka-alala nya lang na dapat iupdate ung rules sa bandwith settings. So eto na.

STEP 1: Type in your browser address bar. This is the default address of globe modems. It will redirect you to modem's home page. TAKE NOTE of the downstream rate and upstream rate. This is the maximum speed of your internet connection *it may vary depending on your public ip*

STEP 2: Login using this credentials. Username:"admin" Password:"3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e"

STEP 3: Go to Advanced Mode and if you want to set your device to have a static IP. Go to LAN>Mac/IP Reservation and enter the device's mac address and desired IP address. Default IP range starts from

STEP 4: Go to Router Features>Bandwidth Limit. Tick the check button and set the Upstream rate to Egress Bandwidth and Downstream rate to Ingress Bandwidth *see STEP 1 for upstream/downstream rate*

STEP 5: Go to Bandwidth Limit Rules. Tick Enable. If you want you can globally set the IP range by setting - If not, you can individually set your device using the Static IP you set from STEP 3. Next, enter 1 - 65535 and select Both in the Protocol. Now comes the best part, you can set both egress(UPLOAD) and ingress(DOWNLOAD) *MIN* Bandwith(kbps) to 100. And 500 for *MAX* egress bandwidth(kbps) and your desired speed for the *MAX* ingress bandwidth(kbps). You can also experiment with the values but my recommended values are 100 for both MIN ingress/egress and 500 or 600 for MAX egress and 2000 or 2500 MAX ingress which is 2.0/2.5mbps. This recommended settings is for 10mbps connection. Lower your settings depending on your internet speed.

Here's the thinking, if my internet connection is 10mbps/10000kpbs and then I set the maximum ingress(DOWNLOAD) to 2000kbps/2mbps. 5 devices can reach up to 2mbps and WILL NOT affect your gaming even though someone in the house started streaming Netflix or download files. This also apply in egress(UPLOAD). And it can also save you from consuming your monthly data and the bother for applying a volume boost. For me 2mbps is good enough for browsing the net/streaming online and playing online games. Though in downloading its too slow compare to the 10mbps. BUT if you set a static IP to your devices you can temporarily disable your "limit" by clicking the edit icon and unchecking the enable checkbox. And enable it again after you finish your download. *DONT FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR SETTINGS IF YOU APPLY FOR A FASTER PLAN*

Here's the link for my previous tutorial:

*TIP* You can refresh you connection/ip address without restarting your modem. Just go to Basic Settings>Status>ADSL and click RETRAIN. This also apply to the modem above.

Thanks to my friend for the images. See you in the rift.