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    No frame even in silver division

    I dont understand your client league of legends,i am currently in silver 3 but i have not receive any loading screen frame yet?!? is this some kind of joke?!?!ITS VERY HARD to get out of bronze when your only playing 2x a week,after finally getting out of it i expected some kind of a reward where i can feel good about my self but THE HELL!!! its been like 2 weeks or 3 weeks now and still no frame,i thought it was some kind of a bugsplat or something?but i would aprreciate it if any from your help desk agents will answer my question:where is my frame!!!you can check my lol acc my IGN is DEADGUNNER017 and please response as fast as you can.hoping for your kind consideration that i used some really angry and mad voice out there but please just resolve it as fast as possible.

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    Makakakuha kalang ng Silver frame pagdating ng end ng Season.
    :: Auri Season 7 - Silver II Season 8 - unranked ::

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    Please wait for season 7 to be over to receive your silver border. It's meant to be as your rank reward.

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    Obviously, you need to wait until the season ends!
    It is near, we all are hyped

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