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    Expats in the Philippines - Club looking for members

    Hi all. I'm a relatively new casual player. I say casual because I don't have time to play as much as I'd like. I was a WoW player for 11 years, but finally burned out on it. I'm no stranger to gaming, just find I don't have as much time these days.

    Anyway, I'm an American expat living here in the Philippines, and would like to find some like minded players. I started a club called Expats in the Philippines in the hopes of getting some friends here.

    You don't have to be American to join, in fact everyone would be welcome, but please keep the club chat English speaking only. No chat in the club should be unable to be read by any member.

    You can find me in game under the name SpiritfireFirst. Hit me up with a PM.

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    add me dude... what ur iGN..... lets fun begin for LOL....

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    and tell me what ur gaming time to play the cancer server LOL..... iam ok in 8pm onward for anti KIDS gaming.... haha...
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    ID is same as in here, SpiritfireFirst. I tend to play in the evenings too, usually after 10pm

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