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    Post Looking for Club Members (Anime Lovers Unite) ALU


    1) Anime Lover
    2) Must have a good attitude
    3) Hindi mahilig sumuko at hindi mahilig manisi ng kampi
    4) Preferrably malakas din maglaro at mahilig mag troll (Which is Diamond)
    5) Siyempre mas maganda din kung na meet kayo (Optional)

    You can PM me to my Facebook Page

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    IGN: Auri
    Main Role: Support
    Current Division: Silver

    For #1, I love anime ever since I was 6 years old or something, First Anime I watched, Flame of Recca.
    For #2, Tahimik ako mostly, but there are times na bigla nalang ako magsasabi kung ano gagawin in team fights.
    For #3, Hindi talaga ako mahilig manisi ng kakampi, especially pagkaibigan ko ang kakampi ko.
    For #4, I'm not a diamond player but I do not troll. I'm more of a SUPPORT role dahil dun ako malakas maglaro. (Not really malakas, just 50/50)
    For #5, Taga Metro manila ako but I don't have a time for a meeting. (Busy sa school.)

    You probably won't accept me but it's okay, I still have years to reach Diamond.
    :: Auri Season 7 - Silver II Season 8 - unranked ::

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