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    Thumbs up Looking for a a Club ideally Working Professionals

    Is there a club consist of working professionals?

    I'm looking for a club to build camaraderie with working professionals. A club that balance work and play. Mature players that knows their life priorities (hands up sa mga Batang 90's).

    A quick background of me.

    Profession: IT Admin

    Current IGN: Fuhrer All Hail

    Best Rank: Plat II
    Current Rank: Gold II
    Played a Total 8,735 Games since Dec 2010
    A solo queue player

    You may reach me in game!

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    Sup bro. I think there is, I guess? haha if you found one or you want to form a group count me in.
    btw im looking for a duo/teammate, i always do ranked.

    A quick background of me as well:
    Profession: Jr. Web Developer
    Current IGN: NA NA BATMAN
    Best Ranked: Plat 1
    Current Ranked: G1
    Solo queue player
    Role : Support(Jannah,Sona,Nami,Soraka,Morgana,Blitz,LULU ), ADR(Ashe,Ez,Vayne,Kogmaw,Sivir), Mid(TF,Swain,Anivia, Ahri)

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    Added u both!
    IGN: Pandasour

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    Add me
    IGN: KuyaMo Mark

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    Club please

    IGN: Rosa Secreta
    Profession: Bayaning Puyat

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    join me

    IGN: ethrialfish
    Profession: Graphic artist
    Role: support (main), jungle and mid (secondary)
    current rank: Gold V
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    add me up

    IGN: Osmosis
    Profession: Safety and Pollution Control Officer
    Role: Main (mid), but I can play any role
    rank: I'm using level 24, I already gave my main account when I quit before(but now I'm back for nostalgia) . Solid E-sport professional background . Former Clan leader.


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    add me thanks.

    Profession: System Administrator
    Current IGN: En Taro Zeratul
    Best Ranked: Diamond 1
    Current Ranked: D4
    Playtime weekends

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    I'm looking for a club as well, active and fun and always there to help each other improve.
    IGN: RedKnight
    Rank: Currently Plat 5
    Prof: Email Outreach Associate and English Tutor

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