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    LOLClient.exe has stopped working!!

    Help please?! Before the patch wala naman nito. Natry ko na yung troubleshoot at clean reinstall pero wala pa din nangyayare. Hayyyzzz!
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    Hi Amuroray,

    May I know if you have an anti-virus? because it might be blocking your LoLclient.exe. Please check and make sure the your anti-virus isn't blocking any files related to League of Legends.

    Thank you and Good day!

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    Yes ma'am, i have avira antivirus. i added exceptions and i even uninstalled it but still not running. i even tried to turn off my windows firewall.

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    5/24/2013 19:44:24.732 [WARN] com.riotgames.pvpnet.system.boot.actions.Initializ eIMEAction RiotApplication.initializeIME: Disabling IME support since IME conversion mode not specified.

    sir? i checked the log. this is what it said. can you help me on this?

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    While the Riot LOL is running...

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    Hi Amuroray,

    Based on your screenshot, seems that you're not playing on LoL PH server. Please be informed that we do not encourage our players to play on other servers.

    Good day!

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    sorry ma'am, i was just trying the LOL executable in the other LoLPH folder. i was getting frustrated not playing for days. i guess i can't play for a while. Thanks for the response anyway. ^_^
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