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Thread: Coach Skilly!

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    Coach Skilly!

    Looking for mentees to play with, teach or whatever!

    If you're an aspiring player that wants to hit higher leagues. I'm here to help you!

    Looking for people open minded enough to not blame teammates in whatever situation.
    Please, I encourage all my applications to have working microphones for better communication!

    I play Mid > JG > Adc > Supp > Top

    s2 plat
    s3 dia
    s4 chall solo/duo
    s5 chall solo / duo
    s6 none
    s7 dia

    Add me on garena or send me a PM on this forum with your IGN!
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    saberator can only hope to improve
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    May 2012
    Is this offer still up?

    I'm willing to undergo coaching. I'm actually looking for a Club who loves playing League as I do who respects each other at all times and above all have fun at the game.

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    Available pa po ba to or inactive na? gusto ko rin magpa coach
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    Friend request sent.

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    @ts add me tara 1v1 muna tau meron ako test b4 ma nerf coming 7.15..... fun 1v1 lang pwede ka mag yassuo any champion ako. ign mo.

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    Bumping for interested peeps!

    Pmed Paknatic and VanSandrei in garena.

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    Hi sir paturo naman mag pachallenger or pasali sa high elo games. D3 this season ign: MikeMeister may bayad ba tong coaching haha

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