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    HOW to get RP

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    bkit po nag top aq ngaun wala nman freebies

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    Wala po lumabas na freebies sakin

    Quote Originally Posted by LoL_PH_Admin View Post

    RP Conversion Milestone

    March 8 to March 18

    Get Limited Edition Skin Adarna Anivia for FREE when you reach the peak of the milestone!
    No RP deductions, just guaranteed prizes!

    Reach 50 accumulated RP ➤ Get 20 to 100
    Orange Essences for FREE

    Reach 100 accumulated RP ➤ Get a
    Hextech Chest /or/ Key for FREE

    Reach 150 accumulated RP ➤ Get a
    Hextech Chest and Key set for FREE

    Reach 200 accumulated RP ➤ GUARANTEED unlock limited edition item:
    Adarna Anivia Summoner Icon

    Reach 500 accumulated RP ➤ GUARANTEED unlock limited edition skin:
    Adarna Anivia Skin (and Champion Anivia if not owned)

    English Mechanics:

    1. Top up any amount from March 8 to March 18, and convert to RP in the store.
    2. Accumulate a certain amount of RP to reach a milestone.
    3. For every milestone you hit you will receive a guaranteed FREE prize. Orange essences, a key or a chest, key and chest set, Adarna Anivia Icon and Adarna Anivia Skin (You will get as well the Anivia champion if you don't own the champion), respectively.
    4. The more milestones you reach, the more items you will receive for free!

    *You can only acquire each of the freebies once, when you unlock a milestone.
    *If you convert 500 RP straight, you will receive all the prizes in one go!

    Tagalog Mechanics

    1. Mag-top up ng anumang halaga mula March 8 hanggang sa March 18, at i-convert ito sa RP.
    2. Pumunta sa store at i-convert ang Garena Shells na maging RP, hanggang maabot maabot ang kada milestone.
    3. Para sa bawat milestone na inyong maabot ay makakatanggap ng garantisadong libreng premyo. Makakakuha kayo ng libreng 20-100 Orange essences sa 50 RP milestone, isang Hextech Key o isang Hextech Chest sa 100 RP milestone, isang Hextech Chest and Key bundle sa 150 RP milestone, Adarna Anivia Icon sa 200 RP milestone, Adarna Anivia Skin sa 500 RP milestone. Makukuha niyo din ang Anivia champion kung hindi niyo pa ito pag-aari.
    4. Mas maraming milestone na maaabot, mas maraming item ang makukuha ng libre!

    *Maaari mo lamang makuha ang mga freebies ng isang beses kapag maabot mo ang bawat milestone.

    *Makukuha mo din lahat ng premyo kung mag-top up ka ng 500 RP ng isang diretso.


    Q: Do I get the Anivia skin alone by topping up 500 shells straight?
    To acquire the rewards, you must first convert your Garena Shells to RP. By converting 500 RP straight, you will receive all the items on the rewards table.

    Q: Is this the only way to get the skin?
    : Yes. Adarna Anivia is a limited skin, hence there will be very special ways to unlock her such as events like these. Always stay tuned for our next events!

    Q: Kapag nagtop up ako ng 250 today at ginastos ko siya sa store, at nag-convert ng 250 RP uli next week, makukuha ko parin ba ang skin?
    Yes, makukuha mo ang skin. Papatong-patong ang converted RP mo basta't pasok sa duration ng event. Okay lang na gastusin mo ito, dahil ang conversion naman ang binibilang namin, hindi ang current RP sa account mo.

    Q: I topped up yesterday, March 7. Will it count?
    No. The event started on March 8. Only RP conversions from March 8 to 18 are counted.

    Q: Paano ko malalaman na nareceive ko na ang prizes?
    Automatic na marereceive ng account mo ang prizes. Heto ang makikita niyo sa screen matapos ang succressful Shells to RP Conversion. Your rewards will be listed on the screen.
    Below is a screenshot of someone who has converted 500 Shells to RP off the bat.

    Share your comments!

    Get Shells here!
    In game name : Vayne.Silmeria
    Ngaun po q nag lod ng 630pm but walang freebies

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    I did this but I didn't receive any .

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    No prize for me

    I didn't get any price from convert in rp price my counrty time and date is advance in l.o.l maker but i didn't get!

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    Unhappy Rewards Glitch

    I topped up 250 yesterday but I didn't get the Adarna Icon.
    As per mechanics of the conversion, I should've gotten an icon once I topped up 200.
    IGN: Keanna Grande

    Reply ASAP please!

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    Hi GM!
    I did top up 250 RP yesterday. I got the free hextech chest and key plus the essence but I didn't get the Adarna Icon.
    Can you look into my account?
    IGN: Keanna Grande
    Please reply ASAP! Thank you!

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    Extension? Or at least until 12pm later?

    I'm only gonna get the chance to get shells later soooo...

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    Omg I totally did not get the RP conversion cus this anivia skin was available for 975 on other servers I didn't know it was limited in the philippines. Will it still be available in the future? Thanks!

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    Question Related Topic

    Hi, didn't you guys used to do that "conversion bonus" thing or whatever the heck you used to call it? It was basically a promo or sale where if you convert a certain amount of Garena Shells, you'd get bonus RPs for it. Like converting 1000 Shells to RP would get you 1300 RPs or something like that, instead of the usual 1000. I'm asking 'coz we haven't seen it in a while. At first I thought we may have just missed it, but we checked your announcement pages for the past few months or so, and we didn't see it. Did you guys just stop doing it for some strange reason? If so, FFS why?? We actually loved that promo. My friends and I would convert our Shells to RP--to buy cute skins--when and ONLY when that sale's in effect. Like right now, we really wanted to buy a few skins, but we can't, because we haven't converted anything into RPs yet (because of that missing promo of yours).

    However, assuming that we just missed it for whatever reason, and you ARE planning to do that sale again, can you guys give us an idea (ETA) about when that might happen? It'd be a real shame if we missed it again, and then have to wait several months for you guys to do it, again.
    `Nuff said.

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    Cool rp conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by Summ3rxx View Post
    Omg I totally did not get the RP conversion cus this anivia skin was available for 975 on other servers I didn't know it was limited in the philippines. Will it still be available in the future? Thanks!

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