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    kahit ano Lang po
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    kahit anu lng din po sakn

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    Post top up

    Quote Originally Posted by LoL_PH_Admin View Post

    RP Conversion Milestone
    January 1 to 16

    Win a free skin at every milestone you reach!


    1. Top up any amount from January 1 to 16, and convert to RP.
    2. Accumulate a certain amount of RP to reach a milestone.
    3. For each milestone you hit you will receive 1 free skin from the pool listed below.
    4. The skin you will receive will be random, but y
    ou are guaranteed to receive an item from the list that you do not own yet. You will also receive the champion, in case you do not own it yet.
    5. The more milestones you reach, the more skins you will receive for free!

    Reach 250 accumulated RP, win a random skin:
    Sherwood Ashe
    FrankenTibbers Annie
    Assassin Master Yi
    Dryad Soraka

    Reach 500 accumulated RP, win a random skin:
    Little Knight Amumu
    Blade Mistress Morgana
    Beast Hunter Tryndamere
    Veigar Greybeard

    Reach 1000 accumulated RP, win a random skin:
    Blight Crystal Varus
    Pool Party Lee Sin
    Iron Solari Leona
    Captain Gangplank

    Reach 2000 accumulated RP, win a random skin:
    Arcade Sona
    Project: Lucian
    Radiant Wukong
    Super Galaxy Fizz
    El Tigre Braum

    *We will not issue any additional rewards in case you already own all the skins listed above.

    Got questions? Send them here!

    Top Up RP! Purchase Garena Shells
    what if i top up 50 rp at a time and reach a milestone and keep top up untill i anoth

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    how do i do???

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    admin bkit no rply dun s message ko nkakuha ako ng bundle icon s spin 2 types pro wla nmn ako nkita s accnt ko mhrap bng hingan kyo ng sgot s nag message s inyo db price nyo nmn s spin un sn rply rply dn nmn s hnd nmn kmi m disappointed s mga event nyo slamat

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    Smile legue of legends

    gusto ko ng skin kay yasuo kasi wala ako rp pwede po gift ninyo ako ng skin ni yas kahit yung blood moon

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    Quote Originally Posted by reyvincent187 View Post
    penge ako blood moon yasou plssssssss
    pre yas main ako lvl 7 lahat ng skins meron..pero etong RP conversions na event kailangan mo mag top up ng madaming rp indi ka bibigyan ng bloodmoon yas kasi wla sa listahan ng skins pati indi sila namimigay ng basta basta ok?

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    hi i topped up at january 1 around 8 am. i topped up 1,500. am i still eligible?

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    Ako din nagtop up ako kahapon three hundred shells bat ganun hindi kami counted.. sayang naman :3

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    ilan pong skin ang makukuha jan

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    paano po maka kuha ng milestone

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    Quote Originally Posted by mulgokizary00 View Post
    why garena why!? T^T y u doin this to my wallet. *buys 2k GS oh gawd not again.

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    pwede ba kahit paputol-putol ang pagload ng rp??
    Ex:100rp then tommorow 100rp ulit!!
    pwede ba yun???

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    free skin

    dear riot

    can you plss give me one skin because i dont have any skin just one like project zed
    plsss riot plss just project zed plss thats all riot and happy new year
    my name in league of legends is bullfrank plss give me riot

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    Kelan makukuha yung skin sa 1st milestone?

    Kelan makukuha yung skin sa 1st milestone?

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    paano ba malalaman kung may skin na

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    I didn't get my lee sin skin I topped up 1000 but the skins I got was , greybeard, solari, Sherwood ashe and captain but no pool party lee sin, whats with that? I didn't get the given skins which were blight star varus and pool party leesin, Check pls my ign is "Corality"
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    didnt received any rewards

    hi i havent receive any i just top up 300 rp now didnt receive anything

    my in game name is Bunker please check

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