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    How to claim po

    how to claim naka reach na ako probably 350

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    I did not get my conversion Reward for the 500 Rp conversion and not just that the skin I purchased is not on my account either I top up then I buy reksai skin clicked it did not push through then I clicked it again then said purchased complete, I check the champion it is not there on my account for the skin I purchased tried to refresh as said in threads to wait 5 Minutes and log out then re-log in still not there but on the Purchase history iot said that I purchsed the Eternum rek sai Twice can u please assist me and compensate for the loss because i missed out on the Skin sale because of this

    Note: In game Name Cloudie_boi21 Thank you
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    Page Unavailable

    Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable. Please contact our technical support.

    Error If you go TO THE GARENA SUPPORT WEBPAGE I am suppose to send you an attachement for proof here it is not working too if u attach some file
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    Missing champions and skins

    Sir pahelp naman po kaka topup ko lang po ngayong araw naka 2000RP napo ako bakit po wala padin akong narereceive na champions and skins? Akala ko po ba libre na po yung champion na hindi mo owned at marereceive mo nalang po bigla yung skins sa account niyo? Bakit po ganon wala padin po akong mareceive? Please help naman po reply naman po asap. Godbless and have a good day po. Eto po screenshot nasa attachment po.
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    I did not received the 500 RP skin after top up even worse from my top up so I can received a skin reward that I did not received I also purchased one Eternum Rek sai Skin however it said purchased but still not on my account I tried it again as said to wait 5 min and log back in then I click it again now it is not on my account and have 2 purchase records for 2 Eternum rek sai skin??? and RP went down without the skin being credited on my account please assist me with this thank you for your kind consideration now I cannot buy the sale skin because no more RP sad can u give me a chance to buy the sale skins or please compensate for my loss thank you again

    Can u please extend the sale including Battle of the Supernova Skins so I can Purchase a skin there one You fix My Concern thank you

    In game Name: Cloudie_boi21
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    Where's my Skin?

    Naka Top-Up nako ng 500 , wala pa aq nakuha umabot namn aq

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    Where's my champions and skins? Please reply asap

    Sir wala padin po akong narereceive na mga champions and skins. Eto po ulit screenshot ko na patunay na nagpa topup ako ngayong araw ng RP.
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    may question lang po ako
    bat yung nakuha ko pong skin meron na ako
    tapos po dalawang beses na po sya nangyari paano po bang gagawin ko dun
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    bakit po radiant wukong nakuha ko eh meron napo ako nun yung wala ako sa 2000 rewards di ko nakuha ano nangyari plzzzz paki ayus UserName : davao2tz

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    where's my skin?

    I already reach 250 RP, where's my skin?!

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    Sir nakaabot ako ng 2000 milestone pero bakit nakakuha ako ng galaxy fizz sa milestone samantalang na gift na sakin un dati?? parang lugi naman kase meron na tapos bibigay parin. Pa help ako mga sir

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    RP Conversion Milestone

    anu to ? wala paring pagreply ?
    kindly give a precise instructions while announcing such events.. lalo na in rewards ..

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    Unhappy RP Conversion Milestone Problem Jan 1-16

    [QUOTE=LoL_PH_Admin;1846897] RP Conversion Milestone Problem Jan 1-16

    I didn't received any skin in the 250RP Milestone when i converted 400 garena shells on RP... :/
    Is it a bug or am just late?

    "Reach 250 accumulated RP, win a random skin:"
    Sherwood Ashe
    FrankenTibbers Annie
    Assassin Master Yi
    Dryad Soraka

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    [QUOTE=WCZDorothy;1866151]I didn't received any skin in the 250RP Milestone when i converted 400 garena shells on RP... :/
    Is it a bug or am just late?

    "Reach 250 accumulated RP, win a random skin:"
    Sherwood Ashe
    FrankenTibbers Annie
    Assassin Master Yi
    Dryad Soraka

    [/QUOTE= Or is there a specific date for the reward to be received?]

    Another PIC:

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    Can you extend this promo?

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    Hi, my in game name is I GANK WE DIE please check my account. I achieved the 1000 RP mark for the RP conversion milestone but the client gave me a pool party lee sin skin, which, I already previously owned I hope you can give me another one. Thank you!

    Please work on this immediately.

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    Hello san po makikita kung nakuwa na ung skin naka top up po ako ng 500RP

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    kailan ba matatangap yung reward? mag reply naman kayo dito or kahit dun sa customer support niyo. papaevent kayo di niyo naman pala ibibigay

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    i still didnt received any of ur promised reward .. and its kinda annoying ...

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    I wish it will work like if you top up you'll automatically get it thats sad =(
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