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    Quote Originally Posted by tenefer1982 View Post
    beware guys! legacy client and beta cannot co exist! if you have a legacy client do not DL the beta client because it will ruin both. the beta client does not synergize or merges files properly to sync as one. files from the legacy are transferred to the beta client but if you open the file the lolgame data isnt there! you cant even find it in any folder. i havent played the game for like 2 days because of this problem. the beta client cannot connect log on to the game and the legacy client cannot be played because of the existing problem of windows mode 1 if you know what i mean. as of now the game is broken! the only solution is uninstall beta and run old school legacy just to play. this roll out of beta was not carefully thought out now many players are suffering. the problem with ultera is still persisting too. the legacy client is much better than the new one. the beta is only superficially good but internally it is broken and should not have been released prematurely without testing. it is one big fail of a client.
    for the record it does not update faster than legacy client, it is the other way around. legacy update just takes minutes beta client takes hours. do not be fooled and it makes your pc lag more! its a frigging lie!

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    So yung legacy yung luma diba ?

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    Wala nang forgot password? :/

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    Red face


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    Gud am.. mga bossing experience nyo ba yung FPS bumababa?? nang yari lng yan sa new Update ngayon.. ty

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    Remove the new update in the garena its sucks!!!!!!!!!!

    Please return it in OLD patch!!!!!! new patch in GARENA create a BIG FPS DROP! its SuCKs!!!! THAT stupid update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ADMIN!!!!!!!!! FIx your Stupid update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... better to return to old version

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    please help, i cant access my acct after updating my client, it says that im banned, i did not TT anyone and played my role properly, im not doing any illegal transactions or using 3rd party softwares, why is it im banned for no reason? please help,

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    Hindi po ba pwede na gamitin yung dating client nalang nang garena? masyado malakas humatak nang bandwith itong bagong client! or sana maglabas kayo nang light version, internet cafe shop owner po ako, ang dami na reklamo nang mga dating costumer namin sa LoL kasi client palang nang garena nag La Lagg na agad! dati pag LoL lang ang nag lo load mejo lang ngayon ang tindi, tapos yung pag update pa lagi fail, 3 hours na ako nag pa patch nang LoL gamit yung bagong client pero fail nang fail! as in panget talaga nitong bagong client nang garena, sana may option pa din kami na gamitin yung dati nalang or mag labas kayo nang light version yung rekta na sa game agad! hindi yung madami pang patalastas bago mag open nang game

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    mga sir bakit ganon nag download n ako ng bgong client,yapos bagong garena na din patch pa ring pag ka install ng new client ng LOL?

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    ang bagal naman mag patch nito,kaasar nag download n ko ng bagong client na 2018 newly client daw.bat ganun nag update pa rin at ang tagal sobra kanina p ako.sinubukan ko naman ang manual patch 8.1 pero error naman sya..hayssss

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    Angry Kindly Help How to Fix Game files Location Hindi kasi nasasave ee .. :(

    Quote Originally Posted by LoL_PH_Admin View Post

    The Garena Plus has been an iconic client to Filipino gamers ever since its release. In spite of its enormous success, the time has come to upgrade the Old Garena and provide our growing community a better gaming experience. That?s why today, we are proud to announce the Beta Launch of the New Garena!

    You'll instantly notice that we are returning to our roots with our new client's name. The new Garena will showcase major feature upgrades packaged in a modern interface that?s sure to match our players' growing gaming standards.

    Enjoy these amazing features when you switch:

    Brand New Chat System: We've given our old messenger a new look with a streamlined design and added new features built for gamers; like a built-in Voice Chat that will replace Talktalk.

    Shorter Installation and Patching Times: Have more time to play your favorite games with our faster install and update process.

    Convenient access to news and content: Stay updated with the latest news and events about your games by browsing through the Game Panel. Be informed without ever leaving the client!

    If you have already started using the new Garena, we have heard your requests and already fixed most of the encountered technical issues. We even made our patching and installing process faster and more stable than before.

    Still have some concerns? Your feedback is important to us so we can improve our new platform. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

    This beta phase is open to everyone, and all you have to do is
    download the new Garena client here. Remember to say hello from the other side!

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    ban player

    tanong ko lng po ha may silbi pa b report dto sa game na to?
    bakit parang hindi nababawasa ng mga toxic player?
    grabe na kasi parami na ng parami mga toxic player

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubzkydot View Post
    tanong ko lng po ha may silbi pa b report dto sa game na to?
    bakit parang hindi nababawasa ng mga toxic player?
    grabe na kasi parami na ng parami mga toxic player

    i dont know either. i'm always annoyed with these kind of players and i always report them after the game but i dont think that riot has ever gave a fudge of it. I think a player will just get banned if there are many as in MANY other players report him in just a short period of time.

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    d maka open ng Client ano ba yan ness

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