Here's how to convert Garena Shells into RP on your account in-game:

1. Log in to your Garena Messenger and launch the League of Legends.

2. Go to the "Shop".

3. Click on the "Purchase RP".

4. You will be asked for your Garena Username and password.

Click the "Login" button to continue.

5. A new page will be shown wherein you can view your total Shell Balance.

You can choose how much Garena Shells you want to convert

6. Click on "Convert Shells into RP" after.

7. A notice will appear if you have successfully purchased the Riot Points.

You may close the window after the transaction. It will then go back to the Shop.


- You can only convert shells to RP 3x a day.

- You can only convert shells to RP again after 24 hours from the last conversion.