Greetings Summoners!

The following teams were able to accomplish the required registration procedure to be part of the League of Legends Piltover's Finest :



NCR - Link

North & Central Luzon - Link

South Luzon - Link

Visayas - Link

Mindanao - Link

Note: Placement of teams in the bracket are determined randomly and were not based on time of signup or other factors.


- Matches are to be scheduled by the teams (not the Garena staff) and may play it at any date and time that both teams will agree to provided that the result will be reported before the announced deadline.

A. Go to the Match Thread corresponding to your current pending Match found in the forums
B. Post on the Match thread when you are available for a match within the allotted time stated
C. Wait for opponents to reply with their preferred schedules.
D. Both team must agree to an exact date and time based on teams availability
E. Once agreed, Both team must post their confirmation to the agreed schedule
F. If there's no agreement, the match is to be settled on the default schedules listed below
G. Rooms should be created by the agreed/default schedule time
H. If both teams are present, take a screenshot showing both teams are ready in the lobby
I. If the opposing team failed to show up for 30 minutes after the room creation, your team should take a screenshot with your team waiting in the lobby and post it on the match thread to inform Staffs that your team was present and waiting on the stated schedule
J. When the match is settled, take a screenshot of the results and post both screenshots of the lobby and result on the match thread to inform Staffs of the results.
K. Be sure the provided screenshot reports has to be unedited and clearly states the required information such as; whole client, IGNs and current time. Any unclear report may be considered as invalid and be disregarded.


- The following match schedules are to be followed (Single Eliminations format)

Matches should be finished and results reported by the deadline. Teams shall settle the match on Default Schedule should they not agree on a schedule

Round 1: Default Schedule - 8:00 PM of November 5
, 2017
Round 2: Default Schedule - 8:00 PM of November 8
, 2017
Round 3: Default Schedule - 8:00 PM of November 11
, 2017
Round 4: Default Schedule - 8:00 PM of November 13
, 2017
Round 5: Default Schedule - 8:00 PM of November 15
, 2017

Round 6:
Default Schedule - 8:00 PM of November 16
, 2017

Deadline for Results: 11:00 PM of Default Schedules

Note: Finals will be Best of 3

Brackets will be updated after the deadlines depending on reports received.


Official Rules for the Online Tournament can be reviewed Here
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Here
If you have any concerns related to the LoL Piltover's Finest, you can post Here

-Schedules above won't be final and may change without prior notice-