Crash, Bugs, Internet Connection, etc "GUIDE"
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    Crash, Bugs, Internet Connection, etc "GUIDE"

    This is really helpful so "READ IT" don't be lazy XD
    BugSplat (Ignore the "Run a repair" part cause it's useless)
    LINK: Improving Lag-Latency-and-ping
    LINK: Improving FPS
    LINK: Graphics Crashes And Troubleshooting
    LINK: How to Update your Video Card
    LINK: Out of Range Errors, Black Screen, and Game Resolution
    LINK: Store Error: "Session Expired"
    LINK: Maestro General Information
    LINK: Firewall Configuration for League of Legends ( Related to Maestro Error )

    Maestro Error
    1. Temporarily Disable/Make exceptions in your Anti-virus/Anti-spyware software
    2. Temporarily Disable/Make exceptions in your Firewall
    3. Disable process protection software.
    4. Make sure you're running software in Administrative Mode/With admin priviledges
    5. In Windows Vista/Windows 7, double check your Account Controls

    Graphics Troubleshooting

    Anti-Aliasing Settings Cause Blacked Out Effects

    Anti-aliasing on your graphics must be set to off or automatic detection for League of Legends to run effectively. If anti-aliasing is forced on, you may experience various graphical errors.

    Changing anti-aliasing settings on nVidia cards
    Changing anti-aliasing settings on ATI/Radeon cards

    Grahpics card is not Pixel Shader 2.0 compatible

    If the graphics card in your computer is an old model, or has a dedicated video memory of less than 64MB, it may not be Pixel Shader 2.0 compatible. In this case, your video card may not be Direct X 9.0c compatible, and is below min spec. You should try updating your graphics card drivers, but if you still receive an error message at the loading screen, you will have to upgrade your video card in order to be able to play League of Legends without graphics problems.

    Fast Terrain Causes Graphical Errors

    Players that see black terrain, or experience graphical errors when zooming in and out, can often resolve this issue by disabling, or enabling, the fast terrain option in video options. Lowering the environmental effects settings may also help resolve this issue. Players that experience this issue consistently may have a graphics card running at an above average temperature. Try increasing the ventilation around your graphics adapter, or consulting your card's manufacturer about running games at a more stable temperature.

    FPS Troubleshooting

    The most common cause of low FPS in League of Legends is high in-game video settings. Lowering your in-game video settings may help improve your performance. To lower your video settings:

    Start a practice game of League of Legends
    After entering the game, open the League of Legends Options menu at the bottom of the screen, or simply press Esc
    Select the Video menu
    In the Video option menu, under Settings, set to Custom
    You can change the video settings for: Character Quality, Enviroment Quality, Effects Quality, and Shadows. The lower the settings you choose, the more your FPS should increase. The settings that affect FPS most noticeably are Shadows and Environment Quality.
    Another common solution to low FPS problems is to update your graphics card drivers.

    Framerate Normalization Settings

    In the video options menu, the setting labeled "Frame Rate Cap" can be used to prevent unexpected dips in framerate by attempting to smooth out the game's performance. By default, the option is set to “Benchmark” which means that all framerate smoothing is disabled. Other settings have the following behavior:

    Stable – This attempts to detect and maintain a stable framerate above 25fps. Players may experience a slightly lower maximum framerate, but fluctuations should be less.
    High – This option also detects the low and high framerates and attempts to normalize the performance, but at a higher FPS than the “Stable” option.
    25/30/60/80 – These options allow the player to control the target framerate the smoothing process will attempt to achieve.

    FPS Drop in Windowed Mode

    In the Video Options menu in game, there is an option to run the game in Windowed mode. Windowed mode often results in a significant drop in FPS. If you are running the game in Windowed mode, and experiencing poor FPS, it is recommended that you disable Windowed mode. Additionally, if you're using dual monitors, running Windowed mode on the secondary monitor may result in a noticeable drop in FPS. Try to keep the League of Legends window on the primary monitor.

    Common programs that can lower League of Legends performance

    There are a number of programs that can cause poor frame rate or latency if left open while running League of Legends. Closing these programs may improve your game's performance. These programs include:

    Anti-virus scanners
    Webpage browsers
    Streaming audio and video
    Some common examples of these programs: McAfee Anti-Virus scanner, Mozilla Firefox web browser, and Pandora streaming audio.

    League of Legends FPS cap and vertical sync

    The frame rate for League of Legends is capped at 100 FPS. If you have vertical sync enabled on your graphics card your machine may be capped at 60 FPS. Vertical sync can be toggled in the options menu of a League of Legends game.

    Players have found that certain graphics cards require specific vertical sync settings to run League of Legends effectively. If you're experienceing FPS issues or video card related crashes, you may want to toggle the vertical sync settings. You can change vertical sync in game by opening the Options menu, selecting Video, changing the settings to Custom, and then selecting/deselecting "Wait for Vertical Sync" at the bottom of the menu.

    Issue with Connection (high ping, disconnect)

    Authentication request timed out & PVP.Net Error/Disconnection [SOLUTION]
    ( Credits to jei.Sy )


    CPU Overheat (Frame rate):
    If your CPU gets overheated it automatically protects itself by limiting the processing power untill the temperature has dropped so you might want to check your temperatures while gaming. Maybe something has changed in the LoL files causing extra strain on your CPU.
    (Tapatan mo nang fan yung CPU mo XD)

    Black Screen (Credits to teknikman)

    League of Legends: Troubleshooting (Credits to teknikman)

    Additional info from troubleshooting:
    A) Turn off antivirus.
    Exception of league of legends files from the antivirus.

    Patch merging error , failed to patch
    1) Download the manual patch again. You can check it at "".

    2). Read this thread if you haven't (credit goes to MOD Jetricson)

    3) Trace down the exact files having merging error from your patching process such as:
    (Credit goes to teknikman)
    This is just an example you can ask other to provide it to you
    - rads.dll
    - League of Legend.exe

    4) For those using custom skins/chinese artwork modifications, the pre-modded(?) files can be found here. (credit goes to MOD Jetricson)

    Black Screen Shops
    1) Link: (Credit goes to teknikman)

    Note: If all the solutions didn't work.

    1) Reinstall the game. (You may also get a copy from your friends or in a shop that has LoL)
    2) Create a thread regarding your problem.
    3) Ask around the forum regarding your problem (better ask I.T. people)

    *Take the risk don't blame me*

    This is my last solution or just a suggestion (Ask an I.T. to reformat it or if you have technician)

    Reformatting advantages
    1. Computer becomes faster
    2. No Virus
    3. Computer system gain back normal working condition
    4. May upgrade to a newer version O/S

    You will lose all your data
    2. You have to install your favorite software once again

    3. Have to install back all necessary device drivers (if you're a windows 7 user just run the 'windows update')


    "0001: mod.ser_mock.ClientModuleServicesMock_DO_NOT_SHIP has an undefined dependency: lib.ClientLibTest" error:

    1) Go to your LoL PH folder.
    2) Go to the Air folder.
    3) Go to the Mod folder.
    4) Check out every other folder in it. Each folder should have 3 files:

    - info.riotmod
    - mod_<whatever the folder's name is>.dat

    5) Find the folder (Which might contain the text "mock" in the folder's name); it might contain just 2 files.
    Delete that folder.
    7) Try running LoL now.

    It should work. Please do make pm us if it still does not work.
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    added a fix for those encountering the ""0001: mod.ser_mock.ClientModuleServicesMock_DO_NOT_SHIP has an undefined dependency: lib.ClientLibTest" error:"

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    How to get your Computer Specs.

    1) Go to "My Computer" > Right Click > Click "Properties"

    2) Go to "Start Button" > and just simply type "dxdiag".

    System Tab.

    Display Tab. ( Video Card )
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    Simple Steps to Improve FPS.

    How to check your fps in game?
    In Ctrl + F show stats on and the fps counter will be visible in top right corner

    How to improve Your fps?

    There are many solution to this problem but there are two different group of solutions:

    A) Reduce resolution in game.
    B) Close all programs in background but this one is obvious.
    C) Use CCleaner.
    D) Scan for malwares , virus.
    E) Update your Drivers ( Video Card )
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    BUMP New information Added.

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