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    Guys Can You Help Me?

    I Always Play Everyday yet they don't give me keys... well they give me keys but not always...

    all i wanted is keys man... is that so much to ask

    you want the image Here's The Link... it's my account... I Upload It for you guys to see it...
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    RITO: Dumaan na po kayo chat restriction or temp ban?

    Banned player: Di naman po, wala din naman po ako ibang 3pps, Razer Cortex lang po running pag naglalaro ako.

    RITO: Hindi ka dumaan? I don't care, gumawa ka bagong account tapos gastusan mo ulit para ma ban ulit namin.

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    please ban this guy. Keanu Javier [IMG]report.png[/IMG]
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    please ban KEANU JAVIER


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    bat po ganun sa twing magbubukas ako ng lol eh logo lang po nalabas bagus wala na .

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    I picked jungle as my main role and AS SOON AS I found a match, literally the exact second, I insta-hovered Lee Sin. The guy who was first pick who was autofilled support decided to ban him apparently. I didn't let him jungle though, so he took my ADC's role anyway and picked Ezreal and I just played Rengar. The enemy team had a Yi jungle so I took advantage of him not letting him get fed. Bot lane with Ezreal and Soraka, however, was getting destroyed by MF and Alistar (take note, Yi has no part on this, Yi didn't do anything until 30 mins). 20 mins in and he starts taking buffs from me and our mid laner and AFK-ing at the fountain, starting to splitpush, over-extend, and die alone in top/bot every couple of minutes. I ask everyone to just x9 him by the end of the game. A couple of minutes later I decide to unmute him (which was very stupid) and he's being toxic in /ALL CHAT not just team chat. This makes EVERYONE in the whole game aware of his toxicity. We won the game, lucky enough, me and my team being fed and playing somewhat smart enough. And this is when it gets interesting, by the end of the game, the Ezreal starts blaming me for not getting him fed, when it's his fault for not knowing his champion and the matchup. Moreover, he says he ISN'T worthy of a report because he was playing fine (except maybe the part where he steals buffs and AFK's? Or how about the times we played a 4v5 teamfight? Idk). He started asking for 1v1's which are obviously not gonna happen, seeing as to how he can't even play 5v5's.

    I know this is just preseason, shouldn't be too serious blah blah blah, but it's a ranked game nonetheless. There's no reason to not play seriously unless it's normals. I'm just posting this rant because the IFS system ain't doing .

    Riot/Garena fix your . I report people nearly every single game for all the reasons they should be reported and I NEVER get updates for the people I reported.

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