Greeting Summoners,

The League Client Alpha is now live! Congratulations to those who have been accepted! We've sent out the first batch of invites to a number of Alpha registrants, and we encourage everyone to actively provide feedback and report bugs.

Here are some points to know before installing Alpha:
  • The Alpha Client is currently visible to ALL Garena users, but please be reminded that access will only be given exclusively to accepted applicants.

  • Sign-ups are still open. However, there is no schedule when the next wave of testers will be accepted. You may sign-up here.

  • The file size as of May 2016 is over 4 GB. This includes all Alpha features and visual changes.

  • Expect that each Alpha patch might be pretty big in terms of memory size. This is a complete overhaul of the League client after all.

  • As of the moment, there are very limited features on the Alpha Client. As of May 2016, Hextech Crafting, In-game Store, Summoner Profile, etc., are currently unavailable. We will add the features bit by bit.

  • This is only a visual and animation overhaul of the Client. It is still connected to the local servers, hence you can still chat and play with your friends even if they do not use the Alpha.

  • You can always switch from the Normal Client to the Alpha anytime you prefer, but you can only stay online on either one.

  • Expect A LOT of bugs. The most effective way to report these is to use the Report Bug buttons directly from the Client. You may also use this link.

  • Know more about the League Client Alpha.