English Version

I. Teams may only issue the pause (/pause) of the match if any of the condition are met:
A. A player has disconnected from the game due to any form of network disconnect or computer crash. The "<player> has disconnected" message must appear on screen
B. A player has extreme high latency.

II. Each team is only allowed maximum pause of 5 times:
A. Each team is allowed a maximum of 15 minutes pause time per game
B. If the team exceeds the time limit, the opposing team may resume the game regardless of rule 3 but in accordance with rule 4

III. Only the member of the team that issued the pause may resume the game

IV. The game will not resume until all the players are notified and are ready

V. Team that has used up all of their pause times are no longer allowed to issue a pause

VI. Teams who violates the rules above may be considered as unfair play and subject to disqualification.

Tagalog Version

I. Maaari lang magpause sa ganitong mga pagkakataon:
A. Kung ang player ay na-disconnect dahil sa network issues o dahil sa problema sa pc. Ang mensaheng "<player> has disconnected" ay dapat lumabas sa screen.
B. Kung ang player ay nakakaranas ng matinding lag.

II. Ang bawat team ay mayroon lamang limang (5) pause kada laro:
A. Ang bawat team ay mayroon lamang 15 minutes na pause time kada laro.
B. Kung sakaling lumagpas sa pause limit, ang kabilang team ay maaaring i-resume ang laro regardless nang nakalagay sa rule # 3 pero dapat ay susundin ang nasa rule # 4.

III. Ang player na nagpause ng game ay siya lang din ang maaaring magresume ng game.

IV. Ang game ay hindi magre-resume hangga't lahat ng players ay nasabihan at handa na ulit maglaro.

V. Ang team na naubos na ang kanilang nakalaang pause ay hindi na pwedeng gumamit pa ulit ng pause.

VI. Ang team na lalabag sa mga rules na nabanggit ay maaaring ma-consider na unfair play na pwedeng humantong sa disqualification.


Always make sure to press F12 to take a screenshot whenever an action is made with regards to pause, as we require screenshots that clearly shows the events as proofs, especially the chat logs, in order for us to decide the outcome

If you have any question regarding the pause rule, you may ask it in the inquiry thread

-Rules may change without prior notice-