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    LOL Installer

    Hi good afternoon people. I've downloaded the Lol installer from the website but when i finished download the installer I noticed that my LOL was on SG. How can I change it to PH? I download the full installer on the website my char is lvl 30 but when i logged in it give me a notice that i need to put a name on a summoner name. And i Noticed that the Lol launcher is in SG. how can i set it to PH?

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    Could you please provide the following info:
    • Location
    • ISP
    Can you also upload a screenshot of the client folder?

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    Hi I am staying in the philippines here in Iloilo and my internet Provider is Bayantel. my LOL is in the lolph folder. But everytime I logged in it seems im on the SG server when i Checked on the configuration it is in SG

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    is there any other way to change the client's server to PH? even though i download it to lolph downloads every time i try to play LOL it is set on SG server

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    I am not sure if this will help but try to download Garena Plus PH and tell us if it works.

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    i have this same problem.. except my lol is on another folder in program files named GarenaLoL.

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    i have the same problem too..
    how can we fixed this problem?

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    can a gm enlighten us on this problem??

    i can't procure a screeny coz it was on my gf's laptop.. i think her isp is Smartbro. and we're from Antipolo City
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    heheheeheheheh nag papalakas palan ako!

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